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Actually published in 1908, Dowling asserted that he had transcribed this work from Akashic records, which gave a detailed account of the life of Jesus. The title was derived from an age determined by constellations, adding an astrological meaning with an appellation that indicated the Age of Aquarius. "The Aquarian Gospel" has been deemed an apocryphal work, despite the fact that it was written and published recently, noticeably later than most other works of the same nature. It does have in common with such writings an account of the entire life of Jesus in 182 chapters, beginning with the early life of his mother Mary and going through his death and Resurrection, concluding with Pentecost and the foundation of the Christian Church. Though controversial and considered to contain inaccuracies, Dowling's work does make claims of a comforting nature, such as the assertion that 'No soul is ever abandoned by God.' With that and other reassuring claims, "The Aquarian Gospel" has tentatively taken its place amid other works of religious literature.
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978-1-4209-2402-2 (9781420924022)
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  • Title page
  • SECTION I.-Birth and Early Life of Mary, Mother of Jesus.
  • SECTION II.-Birth and Infancy of the Harbinger, and of Jesus.
  • SECTION III.-Education of Mary and Elizabeth in Zoan.
  • SECTION IV.-Childhood and Early Education of John the Harbinger.
  • SECTION V.-Childhood and Early Education of Jesus.
  • SECTION VI.-Life and Works of Jesus in India.
  • SECTION VII.-Life and Works of Jesus in Tibet and Western India.
  • SECTION VIII.-Life and Works of Jesus in Persia.
  • SECTION IX.-Life and Works of Jesus in Assyria.
  • SECTION X.-Life and Works of Jesus in Greece.
  • SECTION XI.-Life and Works of Jesus in Egypt.
  • SECTION XII.-The Council of the Seven Sages of the World.
  • SECTION XIII.-The Ministry of John the Harbinger.
  • SECTION XIV.-The Christine Ministry of Jesus-Introductory Epoch.
  • SECTION XV.-The First Annual Epoch of the Christine Ministry of Jesus.
  • SECTION XVI.-The Second Annual Epoch of the Christine Ministry of Jesus.
  • SECTION XVII.-The Third Annual Epoch of the Christine Ministry of Jesus.
  • SECTION XVIII.-The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus.
  • SECTION XIX.-The Trial and Execution of Jesus.
  • SECTION XX.-The Resurrection of Jesus.
  • SECTION XXI.-Materialization of the Spiritual Body of Jesus.
  • SECTION XXII.-Establishment of the Christine Church.
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