Let´s bow together

Meditations Guided by Russell Delman
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Eine kurze, praktische Anleitung zur Meditation. Durch eine freundliche Atmosphäre und eine warmherzige Herangehensweise werden Meditierende ermutigt, diese Haltung sich selbst gegenüber zu erfahren. Zusammen mit präzisen, zugänglichen Instruktionen lädt diese Haltung dazu ein, sich sanft niederzulassen und in die Stille einzutreten. Wenn Gedanken kommen und gehen, werden sie freundlich begrüßt und, voila, der gegenwärtige Moment erscheint wieder! Dieser Ansatz schließt Achtsamkeit mit ein und basiert gleichzeitig auf dem Vertrauen, dass jede Person über die eigene körperliche Empfindung zur Meditation finden kann, auch wenn ihr Geist sehr beschäftigt ist. Das Buch enthält die Original-Audioaufnahmen des Embodied Life Trainings von Oktober 2016 bis April 2019 in englischer Sprache mit der deutschen Übersetzung im zweiten Teil des Buches.
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978-3-7534-3070-6 (9783753430706)
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Seit 1975 lehrt Russell Delman Embodied Awareness und seit 1972 studiert er die Zen-Tradition von Shunryu Suzuki. Er studierte bei Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Jakusho Kwong, Roshi sowie Dr. Eugene Gendlin und entwickelte zu diesen Lehrern eine tiefe persönliche Beziehung. Weitere starke Impulse erhielt er von Rudolf Steiner, durch die Gewaltfreie Kommunikation und seine Arbeit mit Mutter Teresa in Indien. Russell hat maßgeblich an der Ausbildung von mehr als 2500 Feldenkrais-Lehrer*innen mitgewirkt und dabei seine Expertise eingebracht. Seit der Entwicklung der Embodied Life - Lehre leitet er zusammen mit seiner Frau Linda Delman internationale Retreats, Seminare und Trainingsprogramme. Er betrachtet seine mehr als 47-jährige Ehe und die Erziehung der gemeinsamen Tochter als die wichtigsten Lehrer in seinem Leben.

Week 1

Simple, kind and the courage to return to presence

Let's bow together.

Just a few words as we start. The practice is very simple, very kind-hearted and has courage in it. It's the courage to return to the present moment. We're not trying to control our mind and not have any thoughts. That's impossible. To be friendly with whatever appears, the thoughts, feelings, sensations, a friendly atmosphere and a commitment to returning (is our practice). And your body is always present. It's a doorway to your presence. So, we emphasize the sensations of sitting. I'm on this spot, I can sense the support of the earth underneath me, I sense my height, my length upward towards the sky. And the breathing becomes the center of the universe. And it's not a problem that many thoughts will come. The practice is to notice with warmth, maybe with a smile is very helpful. And then return to the next breath. I wish you a good journey.

Remember to have your eyes open at least a little bit most of the time. And you can keep returning to the sensations of sitting and breathing as a doorway to present moment.

The breathing will sweep your mind clean. Just keep letting go of the stories with a gentle touch, a small smile.

Grounded in body, resting in presence

Please shift your weight a little bit on your bottom. Say hello through your bottom to the earth, these roots that lift and plant. It's a unique root system that easily rises and then goes way down, easily rises and then goes way down.

And then very lightly let your arms rise. And feel this length upward. Let the palms go toward each other with the fingertips towards the sky. And grounded in the bottom and a little movement forward and back on your sitting bones, your whole body goes like a tree in the wind forward and back rooted on these sitting bones. And then let the arms float downward.

Find your mudra. Actually let's bow first. Find your mudra.

Grounded on this spot, feeling the good sense of support from below. Let the practice from the afternoon come into your sitting. The feeling of a good support and the upwardness as the trunk of the tree reaches towards the sky. The sense of the breathing going down in the direction of your pelvis in front of your sacrum, where the golden ball is.

Breath sweeps mind. The breath sweeps the thoughts through you. No struggling with thoughts. They come, they go. The moment of seeing is the moment of letting go and returning to the next breath, resting in presence.

As soon as possible notice when you get lost inside. And connect to the earth below you, supporting you, the sky above you, the breathing, moving in and out effortlessly, and a very gentle and consistent returning to presence.

As you come to standing, keep the practice of presence, presencing the moment.

Three aspects - returning - not staying, kindness, courage

Let's bow together.

A few words as we start. Three qualities we emphasize I`d like to encourage this morning. One is the returning to presence through bodily sensation. And so returning means we don't expect to hold on to presence or to always stay here. It's not a strictly concentrated state. It's softer. But there's the returning, over and over. And the ground sensations and the breathing are always here, the mudra, the sense of I'm here. So, there's the commitment to returning. The second quality is unconditional kindness. We're growing the capacity for a warm heart. So, if there are any voices of self-violence, any judgment, any oh, I can't do this, what's wrong with me, we don't fight those voices but we turn toward them with kindness. We say I see you here. We don't let any voice of self-violence take us over. As soon as we see it, we say hello to it and come to the next breath. So, there's the commitment to returning, there is the unconditional warm heart. And the third is the courage to let go of the stories, the selfentertainment, all the future and the past. We don't fight it. We're not surprised that it comes. That's what the brain does. It creates thought. Just as your stomach secrets acid, your brain secrets thoughts. It's not a problem. We see it and return. I wish you an enjoyable journey.

When the inhale comes, feel how the belly gets fuller. It rises. In the same moment sense your mudra and the air moving toward the bottom of your pelvis. The whole filling of the belly and the ground sensations come stronger with the inhale. And then there's a letting go with the exhale and the belly comes in a little bit. There's a falling, the rising and falling in the lower abdomen.

The moment of noticing that you're lost in a story, you're lost in a thought, it's like a bubble bursting in mid-air. And the space opens and the next breath comes and you start fresh, free from the past, free from the future, returning to presence.

Heart opening meditation, radiating warmth into world

Let`s bow together

Whatever appears, welcome it with a warm heart. Even if something is fighting or is unpleasant, do your best to welcome it with a warm heart. And if something inside doesn't want to welcome it with a warm heart, welcome that with a warm heart.

And let your hands rest and your eyes closed and stay seated. We have the imagination of the breath entering from above us through the top of our head down the central axis into the earth, this long central line. And the exhale comes up and out the center of our chest. So, it doesn't need to be a detailed image, just the feeling of breathing down through you, up and out your center of your chest. And it's as if you're breathing out good will, best wishes, warm-heartedness into the world, starting with beings who it's easy for you to open your heart to. And it might have one, two, at most three breaths with one being. And then bring another and another. And you're just inviting people, could even be animals, that you know. And we know that all beings want the same thing, to be safe, to have their needs met, to find a way toward a meaningful life, to feel love and peace. And we can wish this into the world, just breathing and carrying that warmhearted thought into the world. We can imagine this coming out of the chest as a warm, perhaps golden light, radiating first toward specific beings.

And keep expanding the range of beings. Some of them are more anonymous beings in your world, the people in the stores you go to, the post person maybe. We're connected to all because we all fundamentally want the same, to feel safe, to feel cared for, and to feel at home in this world, in our lives.

You can even include those that you have a challenging time with, that you know that in their heart of hearts they`re just like you, wanting not to suffer, wanting to feel a meaningful connection to life. And they're confused in some ways like all of us.

And if it feels right to you, you can begin to open to beings you don't know, living in situations you know about, who are struggling to find their way of right living, to take care of their children. Everyone wants to be safe and eat and to feel a right connection to living. May all beings find an authentic, peaceful and harmonious life and be guided in life-giving directions. Radiate that toward maybe specific places in the world.

And let's include all the beings in this room. Each have our own specific life situations and challenges and gifts. We don't know what others need. We don't even really know what we need. But we know we all long to feel this deep connectedness to live and to love.

And we can think of some of the specific beings in the room. And just radiate your best wishes, your care, your hopefulness, your good will.

And finally, you can turn the light around toward the one you call yourself. And from this larger place of unconditional warmth, good will, radiate towards the one sitting there. Imagine this one showered in that good will.

Please take your mudra. Let your eyes open and sit another minute together.

Floating down stream, scenery of life

And let's bow together.

I'd like to offer you an image. And if it's helpful, use it. If it's not, just let it go. It's the image that you're visiting a new land, a place you've never been so that each moment is interesting. Each site that you see brings some curiosity. It's the picture that you're on a river floating down the river, carried by the current of the river. So, there's not a lot of work you need to do. You're just sitting there in the boat and you're observing the scenery. You're sitting here and the scenery of your life appears, sometimes as breathing, sometimes in thought, sometimes as a memory or as something in the future. It's all scenery of your life. But you're in this boat and you want to see what's there. So, you keep returning and when your mind wanders, you want to keep returning because you're curious about this new country and what the landscape is like and what the buildings are like. So, you're just floating down a river. And whatever appears you notice. And at moments the boat might wander over towards the rocks on the shore. And then you need to paddle your boat. That's really paying attention to the breath. You're working for a little while and then you're back in the middle of the river. And you can rest with curiosity, with aliveness, with seeing. And then if you wander to the sides, again you focus more intensely on the rising and falling of your belly, on the...

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