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Sense the Unseen

Techniques for developing extrasensory faculties
Serenella D'Ercole(Autor*in)
Giochidimagia Editore (Verlag)
Erschienen am 27. April 2020
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The purpose of this handbook is to open the doors to the development and knowledge of the extrasensory faculties, giving each of you the keys to access intuitive, psychic and telepathic abilities in full autonomy, because you are all sensitive and endowed with these qualities, which are often attributed only to particular and fortunate groups of people.

Rather, you are not yet aware of it and you have forgotten how to bring to your consciousness these precious powers, with which your ancestors lived in a completely spontaneous way.

These activities are commonly referred to as "extra", in fact they are very normal quality of mind that everyone can access, without exception. It is only a matter of refining the subtle senses more so that we can take what exists beyond the boundaries of matter, beyond time and space.

You will succeed through the many practical exercises focused on reading the Aura and The Subtle Bodies, the analysis of individual colours, telepathy, Second Sight in all its applications, bilocation, psychometry of objects and the places, simple and effective exercises that you can do alone or in the company of friends with your own passion for the extrasensitive world.

Not only that, but the development of psychic faculties will not remain an end in itself, because when you begin to transcend the limits of space and time, you will realize that you can tangibly take the greatest quality that most belongs to you rightfully: freedom.

In fact, you will learn to take over your life, to act in the real world, because you will become aware of what is beyond the normal perception of the senses, realizing that the world as it appears is just a wishful thinking. You will come into contact with other dimensions, less concrete certainly, but no less real.

You will walk in a new perception of reality, step by step, in which everything will seem to indicate that in life nothing will be as it seems or as it appears. You will regain your truest powers, because you will be more and more aware of your multidimensional Being.

It will be your internal feelings that will play a decisive role in all these new experiences. It will be necessary to know how to listen to them, letting them flow freely, without judgment, to perceive their language, which can be composed of symbols, images, sounds, smells, which you will sense at another level, because the senses that will be used will be the subtle ones, not physical ones, to lead you to see, hear, smell, touch and taste all that does not appear in the sensitive world, but in the ultrasensitive one.

I could have written this book in many ways, but I looked for the easiest and most direct way, so that it would reach everyone. For this reason, I tried not to enter into considerations of an overly philosophical or spiritual character, which would have been my most natural way of expression, because I would have risked, perhaps, not to embrace even that part of readers anyway interested in learning to "sense the unseen."

I am sure that all of you will be able to read and understand the messages between the lines of this book, to bring them on all levels and plans of existence, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, so that you can achieve with lightness and extreme ease the life that you really want to live, without struggle and without effort, because you will have finally learned to enter the flow and let go of everything that weighs down and nullifies your life.

Learning extrasensory faculties leads to surprising benefits as a natural consequence. First of all, a greater awareness of who you are and what you want to achieve, because by opening your mind and your heart to listening to what you perceive beyond the normal use of the senses, it will give you such clarity as to make you the true creators of your reality .

You will be able to receive the answers you have wanted to receive for so long and too long. These are answers that will take you far along the path of your earthly life.

You will soon realize that you are finally free of old mental habits, creating new and more productive habits, awakening from that long sleep to bring you to new levels of understanding and personal growth.

You will notice how your creativity and imagination will increase, because extrasensory experiences go to stimulate areas of the brain that are not normally solicited and exploited in the course of daily life.

One recommendation: do not be tempted by skipping some chapters of the book to directly access the exercises, however very practical, detailed and attractive, because you would miss those basic and useful parts for the best success exercises themselves, which were presented not in random form, but in a very precise order.

This journey from matter to the unseen will lead you into your deepest potentials, which wait for nothing more to be rediscovered and awakened, so that you can first-hand access the exploration of your true being, with full confidence in your unlimited potential.

Then everything will be possible: to transcend time and space, to overcome the limits of matter, exploring firsthand faculties that you did not even think you had, beyond all expectations, making you finally aware that what lives beyond matter, a world of invisible energies, it had always been waiting for you.

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