Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials

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Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials presents the state-of-the-art development in:
- Structural Engineering
- Road & Bridge Engineering
- Geotechnical Engineering
- Architecture & Urban Planning
- Transportation Engineering
- Hydraulic Engineering
- Engineering Management
- Computational Mechanics
- Construction Technology
- Building Materials
- Environmental Engineering
- Computer Simulation
Emphasis was given to basic methodologies, scientific development and engineering applications. Advances in Civil Engineering and Building Materials will be useful to professionals, academics, and Ph.D. students interested in the above mentioned areas.
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Sponsors and committees
Architecture & urban planning
Challenges and trends of using sewage treatment plants in Islamabad, Pakistan
A.A. Ikram
The role of green architecture on environment relaxation of hospital users
M.A. Mohammadabadi & M. Massoud
An attic as rehabilitation solution for low rise prefab concrete housing blocks
C. Bocan
Concentration of TV news coverage to the specific municipalities - Case study on the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
M. Numada & K. Meguro
Research on application of green building technologies in designs of school
Y.Q. Cui, Y. Liu & N. Zhao
Energy-efficient office building design in cold climate
W.D. Ji, T.F. Zhao & X.W. Xu
Dynamic mechnical properties of sandstone under coupled static and dynamic loads
F.Q. Gong & X.L. Liu
The instrument for attribute shift of urban-rural land use of eastern part county in northwest China on the background of urban-rural incorporation - A case study of Hancheng, China
A. Bo Jing, B. Minghua Huang & B. YuWang
Urban complex: New urban phenomenon in China
H. Zhu
Prediction of environmental-friendly eco-architecture trend by neologism analysis
K.-I. Chin, J.WooMoon & K.H. Lee
Evaluation on building interior accessible routes design
Y. Han &Y.Wang
Rain water utilization in urban design: A case study of the street natural drainage program in Seattle America
J. Sun & K. Shi
Studies of urban construction and development strategy of new villages - Taking the construction planning of new village inWangji Town, Xinzhou District,Wuhan City for example
Q. Hua

Building materials
Damage velocity of compressively preloaded concrete under frost action
S. Chen, X. Song & X. Liu
Ultrafine glass fiber vacuum insulation panel for building insulation
F.E. Boafo, Z.F. Chen,W.P.Wu, Q. Chen, B.B. Li & J.M. Zhou
Carbon nanotube coatings for building EMI shielding
P. Li, J. Lin, C.H. Poo, A.S. Low, X.J. Yin & G.C. Ong
Experimental study on noise reduction characteristics of polymer modified asphalt mixture
L.Wang, Y.M. Xing & L. Pan
Influence of mineral admixtures on anti-permeability of mixed aggregate concrete
J. Huo, D. Song, H. Yang,W. Li & J. Li
Corrosion resistant performance of a chemical quenched rebar
J.Wei, J. Dong &W. Ke
Experimental study of photocatalitic concrete products for durability of reinforced concrete
A. Fiore, G.C. Marano, P. Monaco &A. Morbi
Research on the durability of Reactive Powder Concrete in marine corrosive environment
Ming-zhe An, Y.Wang, Q. Lu & Run-dong Liu
Review and exploration of river sand substitutes for concrete production in Asian countries
C.-P. Sing, P.E.D. Love & C.-M. Tam
New insulating material: Binderless particleboard from durian peel
S. Charoenvai
Durability of reactive powder concrete under the action of sulfate dry-wet cycles
Y.Wang, M.Z. An & S. Han
The new conception of rare earth compounds used as asphalt modifier
Haixiao, R. Fu, R. Hu, S. Zhang & M. Zhang
The application technology of warm mix of ultra-thin cover face in urban road maintenance
Y. Li, X. Song, J. Sun, Y. Zhang &Y. Li
Studies of construction quality based on distributed fiber optic monitoring of mass concrete
F. Jin
Pozzolanic characteristics of palm oil waste ash (POWA) and treated palm oil fuel ash (TPOFA)
N.M. Altwair, M.A. Megat Johari, A.M. Zeyad & S.F. Saiyid Hashim
Investigation of accelerating effects of mineral admixtures by hydration heat and thermal analysis
H. Yang, S. Tu & F. Gao
Estimation of asphalt mixture mechanical property by digital image correlation method
Y. Cui, L. Feng & L.Wang
The manufacturing of floating decks using grancrete and reservoir sludge
W.C. Liao, S.Y. Tsai, C.S. Tsai & J.W. Lin
The finite element analysis of behavior for reactive powder concrete-filled circular steel tube stub columns under axial compression
H. Luo,W. Ji & Z. Yan
Review of water desorption test methods
C. Ince, Y. Ozturk, M.A. Carter & M.A.Wilson
Lightweight aggregates produced from mixtures of high silica - heating microscope procedure
S. Al-Bahar, S. Al-Otaibi, M. Taha, A. Al-Arbeed, A. Abduljaleel, F. Al-Fahad & S. Al-Fadala
Nonlinear finite element analysis for reinforced CRC beam
H. Guo & H. Zhu
Experimental grading of locally grown timber to be used as structural material
G. Concu, B. De Nicolo, M. Valdés, M. Fragiacomo, A. Menis & N. Trulli
Mechanical properties of ultra-high strength concrete with local materials
S. Allena, C.M. Newtson & M.N. Tahat
Experimental study on shear strength of reactive powder concrete
G. Minlong, J.Wenyu &A. Mingzhe

Coastal engineering
Wave transformation by a perforated free surface semicircular breakwater in irregular waves
H.M. Teh &V. Venugopal
Spectral analyses of sea-state wave data for the development of a regional-sensitive spectral model
M.S. Liew, M.Z. AbdWahap, E.S. Lim & N. Abdullah
Wave-induced seabed response around offshore wind turbine foundation: Donghai offshore wind farm, China
K.T. Chang & D.-S. Jeng

Computational mechanics
The force-based quadrilateral plate elements for plate analysis using Large Increment Method
H.X. Jia, D.B. Long & X.L. Liu
Assembling and factorizing the structure stiffness matrix of skeletal structure in segments based on graph theory
L. Haifeng, Y. Jingbo & H. Junke
Fracture simulation of reinforced concrete structures with account of bond degradation and concrete cracking under steel corrosion
A.V. Benin, A. Semenov & S. Semenov
Effect of plane stress and plane strain conditions over fracture parameters of ductile plate in SSY (LEFM) and EPFM regimes: A review
S.N.S.H. Chittajallu, M. Bansal, A.R. Bedare & S. Bhat

Computer simulation and CAD/CAE
Three-dimensional modeling of foundation pit structures and surrounding buildings during the construction of the second scene of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg considering stage-by-stage nature of construction process
A.P. Ledyaev, A.V. Benin &A.N. Konkov
The second-responses method for simulation of vehicle-pavement dynamical interaction
S.H. Li & J.Y. Ren
Method for throughput capacity of container terminal based on complex stochastic system
X. Song, Y. Peng,W.Wang &Y. Guo
HOPs: A new tomographic reconstruction algorithm for non destructive acoustic testing of concrete structures
B. Cannas, S. Carcangiu, A. Fanni, R. Forcinetti, A. Montisci & G. Concu
3D finite element analysis of seismic soil-micropile-structure interaction
A. Ghorbani, H. Hasanzadehshooiili & E. Ghamari
Wireless sensor placement based on SHM requirements and net energy consumption
R.N. Soman, T. Onoufriou, R.A. Votsis, C.Z. Chrysostomou, M.A. Kyriakides & B. Han

Construction technology
Use of polythene sheet formwork in place of conventional formwork (plywood/steel)
H.V. Pathak, L. Pasha & M. Kashyap
Research on the mechanic analysis method of prestress construction process of large-span suspendome
Y.Wang, Z. Guo & B. Luo
Concrete shear test: A new tool for determining rheological properties of fresh Portland cement concrete
S. Girish & B.S. Santhosh
Study and optimization of construction monitoring method for long-span continuous rigid frame bridge
H. Hu, X. Zhang & L. Zhu
Concept of partnering in construction projects
A. Ghaffari & R.K. Jane
Simulation modeling of a concrete transporting system for construction of RCC dams
C. Zhao, J.Wang, Y. Zhou & H. Dong
Developing a model for profit sharing amongst partners in consulting engineering companies of construction projects
A. Ghaffari & R.K. Jain

Engineering management
According the historical interpretation to research the relationship of construction logistics and the project manager's level
H. Zhang & X.H.Wang
Structural properties of concrete containing lateritic sand and quarry dust as fine aggregates
M.E. Ephraim, I.Z.S. Akobo, J.O. Ukpata & G.A. Akeke
Multi-objective repetitive activities projects scheduling using Genetic Algorithms
M.S. Eid, M.E. Abdelrazek & E. Elbeltagi
Research on social risk evaluation and mechanism of major engineering projects of Zhejiang province
Scheduling of repetitive projects with learning development effect
M.A. Ammar &A.F. Abdel-Maged
Evaluation for subway project quality based on supply chain thoughts
Z. Zhang
Research trend in partnering in construction journals
A. Ghaffari & R.K. Jane

Environmental engineering
Evaluation on the investment effect of railway vibration reduction measures
Z. Gongjuan, Y. Haifeng & Z. Qianbiao
Optimization of influent distributing and effluent discharging modes of constructed rapid infiltration system
A. Junmin Chen, X. Yao & B. Zhenhua Sheng
A least-square solver to estimate vertical groundwater velocity using subsurface temperature profile
L. Dong, J. Shimada, M. Kagabu & K. Ichiyanagi
Unit-based SOx emission values for fuels consumed in precast concrete production
M.Wimala, K. Kawai &A. Fujiki
The effect of NH4NO3 concentration on the environment-induced cracking behavior of carbon steel
K. Koide, A. Iwase & R. Nishimura
Theoretical investigation of operating control strategy of a new solar-water-assisted ground-source heat pump
X. Gong, L.Wei &W. Feng
Research of the Properties of Calcium Carbide Residue Desulfurization Gypsum
M. Ye &T. Zhu
Effect of air handler supply air temperature in VAV system on building energy consumption under Korean climatic condition
K.H. Lee, K.I. Chin & J.W. Moon

Geotechnical engineering
Slope stability analysis based on method of FEM strength reduction
L. Zongwei
Experimental research for the wetting characteristics of compacted loess
W.-B. Zhang
The application of the analytical recursion scheme method on soft ground sites
Q. Jingjing, Y. Shaoyan, Y. Zhiqing & L. Dahua
Theoretical model for the time prediction of landslides based on the monitoring data
X.H. Xu & H.Q. Yang
Throws and blasting vibration control of the channel blasting near the tunnel entrance
N. Fang
Considerations on technical and administrative management for peer review of preliminary design of bracing and retaining structure for foundation pit excavation protection in Guangzhou region
J.Y. Zheng
Analysis on 3D surface crack transient propagation process
L. Guo, R.H.C.Wong, L. Liu & P. Yin
Framework of DW I2CAD/E system for deep foundation pit dewatering
J.X.Wang & X.Y. Gu
Monitoring of ground deformation in southern part of Metro Manila, Philippines
K. Kurita, Y. Kinugasa, T. Deguchi & R.E. Rimando
Study on wall group effect of rectangular closed diaphragm wall as bridge foundation under vertical loading
H.Wen & Q. Cheng
The lateral behavior of single piles in liquefiable soils
A. Ghorbani & R. Jahanpour
The deformation characteristics and calculation prediction method of deep excavations in Shanghai Soft Soil area
K. Yang & J. Jia
Research on temperature controlling technique of mass concrete bridge bearing platform
Z. Qin & X. Zhang
Technology strategy of Astor House Hotel protective restoration project
Q. Zhang &Y. Zheng
Analysis of the attribute of indemnificatory housing
K. Sun
Experimental study of recycled asphalt mixtures containing high rates of reclaimed asphalt pavement
L. Geng, R. Ren, L.Wang & P.Wang
Research on strain rate-sensitivities of the tensile strength for concrete and its components
Y.Wang, J. Zhou, H. Zhao & D. Shen
Model test study of a novel vacuum preloading method
S. Xiaowu, G. Bingchuan & S. Xiaoxian
Creep property of undisturbed reticulated red clay under constant-load creep test
J.Z. Li &Y. Xie
Bearing capacity for drilled pile with rock socket and a case study
X. Huang
Seabed stress response by jet trenching
Y.Wang & D.-S. Jeng

Hydraulic engineering
Technique and theory on continuous pouring concrete of tail water branch pipe in water power station
C. Yeying,W. Junjie & H. Jianyun
Tidal level trend test and extraction in downstream of theYangtze River
G. Li, M. Xiao & X. Xiang
Experimental study on hydraulic characteristics of allotypic hybrid-type flip bucket
T. Zhang & Z.W.Wang
Dynamic gravity dam-reservoir-foundation interaction analysis based on the scaled boundary finite element method
J.Y. Liu, G. Lin, Z.Q. Hu, Y.Wang &Y. Zhang
Study of material failures in operating gravity fed water supply pipelines
V.G. Tzatchkov &V.H. Alcocer-Yamanaka
Study on the law of coal-bearing soft rock belts in the steep excavation slopes at ZIPINGPU hydroelectric station in SiChuan Province of China
Y. Cao &Y. Huang
Element analysis of consolidation of soil under surcharge and vacuum preloading
X. Shu, B. Guo & X. Song

Road & bridge engineering
Practical calculation method of composite cable-stayed bridge
X.-N.Wu, B. Li, M.-M. Zhou & X.-L. Zhai
Comparison between two improved methods of long term permanent deformation calculation in high-speed railway subgrade
A. Kang Zhuang, G. Quanmei & B.Wang Yang
The influence of additional attack angle on flutter analysis result of 1400m cable stayed bridge
H.J. Zhang & L.D. Zhu
Performance evaluation on highway snow-melting agents
Y.Wu, N. Liu & X. Fan
Prediction of CBR from index properties of cohesive soils
M. Zumraw
Static load test arrangement analysis based on combined control of moment and stress
X.-J. Che, X.-D. Zhang & C. Yang
Test and simulation analysis on early temperature field of the main girder for a concrete cable-stayed bridge
Q. Li, Q. Chen, P.Wang & J. Yuan
Research on influence factors and evaluation of ride comfort of bridge bump based on road test
X. Pan, L. Yu,W. Guo, X. Ma & Z. Fu
Nonlinear dynamic stability of a rigid frame bridge with super high-rise piers
H. Zhang, X. Zhang & B. Dong
Performance of Ultra Thin White Topping with different admixtures to White Topping
C.C. Abhijith & S.P. Mahendra
Structural glass in metal load-carrying systems of building constructions
M. Karmazínová & J. Melcher
The surface electrical and microstructure analysis of peat treated with cement
H. Moayedi & S. Kazemian
Pushoff shear tests of self consolidating concrete
K.N. Rahal &A.L. Al-Khaleefi
Earthquake response study of slope with anti-slide piles under bilateral seismic actions
B. Dong
Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation on the reliability of the in-service highway bridges
D.-W. Zheng, Z.-B. Hu & L.-X. Qi
Seismic performance evaluation of bridge applying mode-based pushover analysis method
C. Yang, X. Zhang, X. Che & L. Zhu
Research on the reasonable strength of cement-treated macadam base
Y.Wang, X. Sun & Z. Li
Horizontal shear behavior and vibration isolation efficiency of FRP rubber isolators
L. Han, T.-B. Peng & Z.-N.Wang
The comparisons of three research methods about horizontal shear stiffness of FRP rubber isolators
Z.-N.Wang, T.-B. Peng & L. Han
Effect of tower longitudinal stiffness on static performance of self-anchored suspension bridge with multi-tower
Y.-J. Chen, C. Zhang & Z.-Z. Fang
Characterization of stone matrix asphalt with cellulose and coconut fiber
S.S. Awanti, A. Habbal, P.N. Hiremath, S. Tadibidi & S.N. Hallale

Structural engineering
Analysis on the capacities of resisting natural disasters for UHV transmission towers
J. Yang & F. Yang
Analysis on the unbalanced tension of 1000 kV and 500 kV AC four-circuit transmission lines on the same tower
H. Junke, Z. Chunlei, Y. Jingbo &Y. Fengli
Research on load-displacement skeleton curve model of L-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular column
B. Cao, S. Dai, J. Huang, Z. Peng & X. Shen
Mixed aleatory-epistemic uncertainty quantification using evidence theory with differential evolution algorithm
Y. Su, H. Tang, S. Xue & C. Hu
New jacket-based anchorage for RC beams with external tendons
S. Hong, S.-K. Park & J. Choi
Experimental study on ultimate behaviors of aluminum alloy single shear four-bolted connections according to plate thickness
T. Kim &Y. Cho
Application of modular industrialized housing method in villa project in Dubai
J. Li, L.Wang, H. Dong, T. Yu & Z. Sun
Discussion on technical coordination of reconstruction work for special villa
J. Li, L.Wang, H. Dong, T. Yu & R. Dai
Three dimensional failure surface of reinforced concrete element subjected to complex loads
X. Chen & X.L. Liu
Study on small base isolation system using friction bearing - Effects of bearing ball shape on dynamic characteristics
M. Kezuka, K. Kurita, S. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, K. Tominaga & M. Kanazawa
Dynamic characteristics of base isolation system using sliding bearing
S. Suminokura, K. Kurita, S. Aoki, Y. Nakanishi, K. Tominaga & M. Kanazawa
Development of oil dampers for reduction of seismic response of houses (Examination for some types of dampers)
T. Yamauchi, S. Aoki & K. Kurita
Simplified calculation method for integral of mean square value of various nonstationary random responses
S. Aoki &A. Fukano
Experimental tests for the evaluation of the structural behavior of steel tapered beam-columns with I cross section and their knee connection
I.M. Cristutiu & D.L. Nunes
The uniaxial tension constitutive model of reactive powder concrete considering the stochastic damage
Z.R. Yu, X. Qin &Y. Yuan
Design and test study on high-neck forging flange applied in UHV steel tube transmission tower
J.Wu, J.-B. Yang, Q.-H. Li & G.-Q.Wu
Improvement of punching shear resistance of RC slabs using GFRC: An experimental study
P. Chugh, K.K. Bajpai, S. Bose &A. Gupta
Rational determination of cover thickness in reinforced concrete structures for fire loading
A. Gupta, S.P. Ramdasi, P. Chugh, S. Bose & S. Misra
Seismic retrofit of reinforced concrete soft-storey structures using toggle-brace-damper system
R.W.K. Chan, Z. Zhao &W.C. Tang
Steel-concrete composite columns composed of high-strength materials - Experimental analysis of buckling resistance
M. Karmazínová
Influence of organic matter on the stabilization soft soil with cement mixed method
L. Shao, J. Liu &Y. Ding
Performance of shape memory alloys in the nonlinear response of RC frames
Z. Pirsamadi & S. Zargham
The strut arrangement and monitoring analysis of deep foundation pits in silty sand
Y. Haihong & H. Chengpo
Fracture assessment of cold-press-formed square hollow sections at welded joints
M. Arita, Y. Kayamori, Y. Suzuki, K. Hanya, T. Suzuki, I. Takeuchi &T. Yamaguchi
Research on deformation capacity of Frame-Bent Structure under bi-directional horizontal seismic excitation
X. Bai & F. Liu
Flexural rehabilitation of RC beams using self-compacting concrete jacketing
C.E. Chalioris, C.N. Pourzitidis, C.P. Papadopoulos & D. Fotis
Quantitative robustness analysis of reinforced concrete frames
Y. Gao & X.L. Liu
Evaluation reinforcement of compound column to bearing capacity with corrosion
Y.A. Mansoor & Z.Q. Zhang
Ultrasonic testing of masonry structures by features extraction and self-organising maps
B. Cannas, S. Carcangiu, A. Fanni, R. Forcinetti, A. Montisci, G. Sias, M. Usai, N. Trulli & G. Concu
Frequency analysis of ultrasonic signals for non-destructive diagnosis of masonry structures
B. Cannas, S. Carcangiu, A. Fanni, R. Forcinetti, A. Montisci, G. Sias, M. Usai & G. Concu
Experimental investigation on shear strengths of concrete deep beams reinforced with FRP rebars
H. Choi, J. Choi, Y.H. Lee, H. Kim & D.J. Kim
Numerical simulation of in plane behavior of fiber reinforced polymer and polypropylene composite retrofitted masonry wallet using 3-D Applied Element Method
A.S.M. Umair, B.M. Numada & C.K. Meguro
Reliability design of doubler plates for sea tankers
I.A. Assakkaf
Reliability-based design of tanker unstiffened steel panels
I.A. Assakkaf
Parametric studies in plates with holes for stress concentration factor
V. Pop, R. Hulea & M. Pop
Theoretical analysis for the effect of reinforcement diameter on bond strength
S.Yang & D. Li
RC slabs with openings - issues and provision for design approach strategies
S.C. Floru¸t, V. Stoian &T. Nagy-György
Causes and required interventions on the rehabilitation process of large panel buildings in Romania
T. Nagy-György, I. Demeter, S.C. Floru¸t & D. Dan

Transportation engineering
Analysis of speed difference at tunnel entrance and exit on freeways in China
H.Wu & R. Zhou
Empirical study on the relationship among lane changing, traffic speed and density - for weaving area of urban expressway on the Level of Service (LOS) four on the upper half in China
H. Xie, Y. Jiang, J. Sun & D. Tu
Fuzzy C-means clustering based on clustering algorithms for traffic crash data
I. Aghayan, N. Noii & M.M. Kunt
Potential use of multi-criteria analysis in context sensitive solutions
N. Stamatiadis, A. Di Graziano & S.D. Cafiso
Increasing Minimum Spanning Tree estimation precision; implemented for Tehran province
A.R. Mamdoohi, M. Yousefikia &A.R. Mahpour
Simulation of dynamic load for heavy vehicle under bilateral tracks' road excitation
D. Liu, R.J.H. Chen & S.Wang
Field evaluation of weigh-in-motion system on weight enforcement operation
P. Chotickai
Optimization of departure time for time dependent vehicle routing problem
Z. Duan, D. Yang & M. Zhang
Study on percent time-spent-following: A performance measure for two-lane highways
P. Saha, M. Pal &A.K. Sarkar
CTM-based evacuation under incident-based non-recurrent congestion with information
N. Liu &A.M.H. Zhang
Speed management pilot project in China
C. Li, T.Wen, H. Feng, G. Zhang &A. Yuan
Gravity model with the function of cost impedance
D.-G. Li, Y. Zhang & Z.-W. Zheng
A review of cyclist safety studies in and out of China
L. Chen, X. Pan & X. Chen
Research on intercity rail terminal area planning and land development
D. Li, J. Cao, Y. Zheng & L. Yao
Validity analysis on ECG coefficient of variation indicator as driving fatigue measurement
X. Xie, Y. Zhao & B. Huang
Research on green transportation planning architecture and evaluation index system
Z. Lu & D.Wang
Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) EMAS (Engineered Material Arresting System)
J. Bosco, H. Zou, H.K. DeLong &T.J. Chen
Research on luminance variation rate index of tunnel based on experiment
Q.Wu, X. Pan, H.Yang & S. Li
Studies on the low carbon building technology and integration on the green highway
Y. Jing, F.L. Tao & K. Yuan

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