Self-Care for Empaths

100 Activities to Help You Relax, Recharge, and Rebalance Your Life
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Balance your unique emotional and energetic sensitivities—and avoid taking on other people's feelings—with these 100 practical activities, rituals, and quizzes, designed specifically for empaths everywhere!

If you are an empath, you understand that your unique sensitivity—unusually high awareness of surrounding emotions and energies—can sometimes feel like a challenge. You may find yourself overwhelmed by large groups, worn out by other people's emotions, or inexplicably uncomfortable in certain places. Finding the time and space—and having the empath-specific tools—to rest, recharge, and reconnect with your own emotions and energy is vital for your self-care. Finally, there's a book that helps you do just that!

In Self-Care for Empaths, you'll find 100 exercises, quizzes, and rituals that you can incorporate in your daily life to keep you feeling centered, grounded, and energized, including:

-Techniques to help you avoid becoming overwhelmed and drained, like building in healthy retreat and recovery time.
-Tools for setting stronger boundaries, like learning how to tune in or more mindfully tune out of other people's energies and emotions.
-Tricks for remembering that you're not responsible for other people's emotions so you can avoid people-pleasing, rescuing, and codependency.
-And tips for honoring your personal gifts and skills, like exercises to connect to the deeper meaning and purpose of your empath nature.

With Self-Care for Empaths, you'll learn how easy it can be to incorporate self-care techniques into your daily routine to stay relaxed, refreshed, and enjoy the magic of your empath abilities.
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Tanya Carroll Richardson
  • Intro
  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Understand Your Empath Nature
  • What It Means to Be an Empath
  • Finding Your Place in the World
  • The Four Main Psychic Pathways
  • Explore the Four Main Psychic Pathways
  • Special Self-Care Needs of Empaths
  • The Importance of Staying Grounded
  • Create a Nature Heart Mandala
  • Chapter 2: Stay Grounded
  • Identify Your Top Empath Energy Drains
  • Create Your Recipe for a Delicious Energy Day
  • Pull an Oracle Card Each Morning
  • Develop a Personalized Method to Process Your Emotions
  • Identify Unnecessary Drama
  • Cocoon to Nurture Your Sensitive System
  • Create Healthy Energetic Distance from a Certain Person or Situation
  • Build In Transition Time
  • Tune In to Your Energy During Decision-Making
  • Try a Laughing Meditation
  • Clean Up Your Diet
  • Go from Frazzled Empath to Grounded Empath
  • Adopt Routines to Calm Your Sensitive System
  • Work with an Empath Talisman
  • Pick a Spirit Animal to Journey With
  • Bathe to Connect to Your Higher Self and Intuition
  • Find Healthy Ways to Retreat
  • QUIZ: Are You Retreating in a Healthy Way or Isolating and Numbing Out?
  • Identify Gentle and Enlivening Activities to Adjust Your Energy
  • Take Your System Off Red Alert
  • Bless Your Meals
  • Tune In to Why You're Feeling Ungrounded
  • Try Beauty Therapy
  • Chapter 3: Mindfully Tune In and Out of Other People
  • Tune In for Intuitive Insight
  • Use Focus with a Sensitive Friend
  • Take Your Focus Off Someone Who Is Triggering
  • Practice Observer Mode and Witnessing Energy
  • Open Up to Feel
  • Process Your Emotions Before Using Witnessing Energy
  • Switch Back and Forth Between Observing and Feeling
  • Enter Observer Mode Quickly
  • List Ways to Connect with Your Unique Energy
  • Tune In to the Energy of Nature
  • Create More Space Between Your Thoughts
  • Find Your Meditation Style
  • Determine If an Emotion Is Yours or Someone Else's
  • Tune In to Someone Else's Good Vibrations
  • QUIZ: How Much Energy Do You Spend Tuning In to Others?
  • Deal with People Who Dump Their Energy on You
  • Work with Black Tourmaline
  • Chapter 4: Nurture Your Own Energy
  • Align to the Energy of Grace
  • Allow Yourself to Feel Good Even When Others Don't
  • Create an Intimacy Checklist
  • Practice Radical Self-Love
  • Recognize Intense, Neutral, or Mild Energy
  • Detox from Gossip
  • Release Someone with Love
  • Confront Others While Protecting Yourself
  • QUIZ: Are You Acting As a Diplomat or Trying to Manage Other People's Emotions?
  • Call On Archangel Chamuel for Peace
  • Say No with Love
  • Build Your Escape Hatch from Crowds
  • Summon Warrior Energy
  • QUIZ: How Open Is Your Throat Chakra?
  • Connect to Heart Wisdom
  • Create Energy Instead of Mirroring It
  • Address People-Pleasing, Rescuing, and Codependency Patterns
  • Work with the Magic of Surrender
  • Observe Your Thoughts
  • Chapter 5: Work with the Energy of Spaces
  • Create a Nature Nest
  • Call On Archangel Michael for Grounding and Protection
  • Pull Up Energy from the Earth to Feel Rooted and Stable
  • Rely On Healing Touch to Feel More Comfortable
  • Cultivate an Empath Sanctuary in Your Home
  • Shield with Bracelets in Public Spaces
  • Observe Empath Boundaries in the Digital Age
  • Nourish Your Adrenal Glands
  • Create an Altar in Your Home
  • Infuse a Space with Playful Energy
  • Keep Spaces Tidy, Clean, and Uncluttered
  • Decorate with Intention
  • Create Cozy Energy
  • Clear the Energy of a Space
  • Chapter 6: Create Balance and Harmony
  • Write Your Empath Heart a Love Letter
  • Use Creative Expression for Retreat-and-Recover Time
  • Schedule a Gratitude Day
  • Work Effectively with Healthcare Professionals
  • Channel Someone Else's Energy for Inspiration
  • Prioritize Gut Health
  • Create Space to Feel Your Feelings
  • Wrap Yourself in an Energy Blanket
  • QUIZ: Are You Giving Back and Being of Service?
  • Align with Squirrel Energy for Financial Wellness
  • Journal for Signs and Synchronicities
  • Fill Up Your Own Cup
  • Surf the Changing Energies of the Zodiac Cycle
  • Welcome Mercury Retrograde's Review Process
  • Practice Mindful Heartache with the News Cycle
  • Try Positive-Energy Speaking
  • Engage with the Survivor Archetype for Resiliency
  • Build More Self-Confidence
  • Avoid Overexposure to Violence in Entertainment
  • Activate Your Palm Chakras
  • Avoid Enabling Narcissistic Tendencies in Others
  • Identify the Magical and Challenging Aspects of Being an Empath
  • Set Intentions with Full- and New-Moon Energy
  • Use Visualization to Manage Anticipatory Stress
  • Gain Wisdom about the Empath Journey from Other Empaths
  • Conclusion: Practice, Not Perfection
  • Recommended Reading
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
  • Index
  • Copyright

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