Twin Cities Beer

A Heady History
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The Twin Cities witnessed a recent explosion of craft beer breweries and brewpubs, but the region's beer history reaches back generations. The Minneapolis Brewing Company introduced the iconic Grain Belt beer in 1893, and it remains a local favorite. Fur trapper and bootlegger Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant established a St. Paul tavern along the banks of the Mississippi River in the early 1800s. The area has been home to some of the best-known beer brands in America, from Hamm's and Schmidt's to Yoerg's and Olympia. Today, microbreweries such as Bad Weather Brewing, Summit Brewing and more than fifty others are forging new avenues. Join author Scott Carlson as he offers an intriguing history and guide to Twin Cities beer.
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  • 1. St. Paul Brewing: The Legend of Pig's Eye Parrant and the Early Years
  • 2. Minneapolis Brewing: John Orth to Grain Belt
  • 3. Pushing Through Prohibition
  • 4. St. Paul's Big Brewers
  • 5. Resurrection Time
  • 6. The Mighty Craft Beer Twins
  • 7. The Rise of the Microbreweries
  • 8. Craft Beer and the Challenge of the Celiac
  • 9. New Model for Microbreweries: The Beer Cooperative
  • 10. Women Do Brewing Too!
  • 11. Beer Festivals: Grab a Drink and Join Your Friends!
  • 12. Let's Go to Beer Brewing School!
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  • Bibliography
  • About the Authors

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