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A labor of love taking much of Burton's life to write and revise, "The Anatomy of Melancholy" is an expansive, informative, and eccentric work of genius first published in 1621. Burton was an English churchman and a scholar, and his depth and breadth of knowledge is readily apparent in this inexhaustible book. Through the frame of a medical treatise, Burton begins with melancholy and slowly deals with various mental states, frequently digressing with commentary from a myriad of other fields, including history, literature, psychology, astronomy, and theology. Though he quotes medical experts from Hippocrates and Aristotle to many medieval authorities, Burton just as often includes Latin poetry in a manner bordering on a stream of consciousness. Through this plethora of references on the human condition, as well as Burton's alternately serious and satirical tone, "The Anatomy of Melancholy" eloquently portrays the whole of human knowledge up to its day in a charming and imaginative way that will allow this work to endure as a classic of the English language. In this edition we have the third of three volumes.
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978-1-4209-3744-2 (9781420937442)
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  • Title page
  • SECT. II.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Heroical love causeth Melancholy. His Pedigree, Power, and Extent.
  • SUBSECT. II.-How Love tyranniseth over men. Love, or Heroical Melancholy, his definition, part affected.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Causes of Heroical Love, Temperature, full Diet, Idleness, Place, Climate, &c.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Other causes of Love-Melancholy, Sight, Being from the Face, Eyes, other parts, and how it pierceth.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Artificial allurements of Love, Causes and Provocations to Lust
  • Gestures, Clothes, Dower, &c.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Importunity and Opportunity of Time, Place, Conference, Discourse, Singing, Dancing, Music, Amorous Tales, Objects, Kissing, Familiarity, Tokens, Presents, Bribes, Promises, Protestations, Tears, &c.
  • SUBSECT. V.-Bawds, Philters, Causes.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Symptoms or signs of Love Melancholy, in Body, Mind, good, bad, &c.
  • MEMB. IV.
  • SUBSECT. I.--Prognostics of Love-Melancholy.
  • MEMB. V.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Cure of Love-Melancholy, by Labour, Diet, Physic, Fasting, &c.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Withstand the beginnings, avoid occasions, change his place: fair and foul means, contrary passions, with witty inventions: to bring in another, and discommend the former.
  • SUBSECT. III.-By counsel and persuasion, foulness of the fact, men's, women's faults, miseries of marriage, events of lust, &c.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Philters, Magical and Poetical Cures.
  • SUBSECT. V.-The last and best Cure of Love-Melancholy, is to let them have their Desire.
  • SECT. III.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Jealousy, its Equivocations, Name, Definition, Extent, several kinds
  • of Princes, Parents, Friends. In Beasts, Men: before marriage, as Co-rivals
  • or after, as in this place.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Causes of Jealousy. Who are most apt. Idleness, melancholy, impotency, long absence, beauty, wantonness, naught themselves. Allurements, from time, place, persons, bad usage, causes.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Symptoms of Jealousy, Fear, Sorrow, Suspicion, strange Actions, Gestures,
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Prognostics of Jealousy. Despair, Madness, to make away themselves and others.
  • MEMB. IV.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Cure of Jealousy
  • by avoiding occasions, not to be idle: of good counsel
  • to contemn it, not to watch or lock them up: to dissemble it, &c.
  • SUBSECT. II.-By prevention before, or after Marriage, Plato's Community, marry a Courtesan, Philters, Stews, to marry one equal in years, fortunes, of a good family, education, good place, to use them well, &c.
  • SECT. IV.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Religious Melancholy. Its object God
  • what his beauty is
  • How it allures. The parts and parties affected.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Causes of Religious melancholy. From the Devil by miracles, apparitions, oracles. His instruments or factors, politicians, Priests, Impostors, Heretics, blind guides. In them simplicity, fear, blind zeal, ignorance, solitariness, curiosity, pride, vainglory, presumption, &c. his engines, fasting, solitariness, hope, fear, &c.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Symptoms general, love to their own sect, hate of all other religions, obstinacy, peevishness, ready to undergo any danger or cross for it
  • Martyrs, blind zeal, blind obedience, fastings, vows, belief of incredibilities, impossibilities: Particular of Gentiles, Mahometans, Jews, Christians
  • and in them, heretics old, and new, schismatics, schoolmen, prophets, enthusiasts, &c.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Prognostics of Religious Melancholy.
  • SUBSECT. V.-Cure of Religious Melancholy.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Religious Melancholy in defect
  • parties affected, Epicures, Atheists, Hypocrites, worldly secure, Carnalists
  • all impious persons, impenitent sinners, &c.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Despair. Despairs, Equivocations, Definitions, Parties and Parts affected.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Causes of Despair, the Devil, Melancholy, Meditation, Distrust, Weakness of Faith, Rigid Ministers, Misunderstanding Scriptures, Guilty Consciences, &c.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Symptoms of Despair, Fear, Sorrow, Suspicion, Anxiety, Horror of Conscience, Fearful Dreams and Visions.
  • SUBSECT. V.-Prognostics of Despair, Atheism, Blasphemy, violent death, &c.
  • SUBSECT. VI.-Cure of Despair by Physic, Good Counsel, Comforts, &c.
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