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A labor of love taking much of Burton's life to write and revise, "The Anatomy of Melancholy" is an expansive, informative, and eccentric work of genius first published in 1621. Burton was an English churchman and a scholar, and his depth and breadth of knowledge is readily apparent in this inexhaustible book. Through the frame of a medical treatise, Burton begins with melancholy and slowly deals with various mental states, frequently digressing with commentary from a myriad of other fields, including history, literature, psychology, astronomy, and theology. Though he quotes medical experts from Hippocrates and Aristotle to many medieval authorities, Burton just as often includes Latin poetry in a manner bordering on a stream of consciousness. Through this plethora of references on the human condition, as well as Burton's alternately serious and satirical tone, "The Anatomy of Melancholy" eloquently portrays the whole of human knowledge up to its day in a charming and imaginative way that will allow this work to endure as a classic of the English language. In this edition we have the second of three volumes.
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978-1-4209-3743-5 (9781420937435)
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  • Title page
  • SECT. III.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Symptoms, or Signs of Melancholy in the Body.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Symptoms or Signs in the Mind.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Particular Symptoms from the influence of Stars, parts of the Body, and Humours.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Symptoms from Education, Custom, continuance of Time, our Condition, mixed with other Diseases, by Fits, Inclination, &c.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Symptoms of Head-Melancholy.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Symptoms of windy Hypochondriacal Melancholy.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Symptoms of Melancholy abounding in the whole body.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Symptoms of Maids, Nuns, and Widows' Melancholy.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Immediate cause of these precedent Symptoms.
  • SECT. IV.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Prognostics of Melancholy.
  • SECT. I.
  • MEMB. I
  • SUBSECT. I.-Unlawful Cures rejected.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Lawful Cures, first from God.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Whether it be lawful to seek to Saints for Aid in this Disease.
  • MEMB. IV.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Physician, Patient, Physic.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Concerning the Patient.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Concerning Physic.
  • SECT. II.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Diet rectified in Substance.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Diet rectified in Quantity.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Retention and Evacuation rectified.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Air rectified. With a digression of the Air.
  • MEMB. IV.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Exercise rectified of Body and Mind.
  • MEMB. V.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Waking and terrible Dreams rectified.
  • MEMB. VI.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Perturbations of the Mind rectified. From Himself, by resisting to the utmost, confessing his Grief to a Friend, &c.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Help from Friends by Counsel, Comfort, fair and foul Means, witty Devices, Satisfaction, Alteration of his Course of Life, removing Objects, &c.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Music a Remedy.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Mirth and merry Company, fair Objects, Remedies.
  • SECT. III.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-A Consolatory Digression, containing the Remedies of all manner of Discontents.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Deformity of Body, Sickness, Baseness of Birth, peculiar Discontents.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Poverty and Want, with such other Adversities.
  • MEMB. IV.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Servitude, Loss of Liberty, Imprisonment, Banishment.
  • MEMB. V.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Sorrow for Death of Friends or otherwise, vain Fear, &c.
  • MEMB. VI.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Envy, Livor, Emulation, Hatred, Ambition, Self-love, and all other Affections.
  • MEMB. VII.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Repulse, Abuses, Injuries, Contempts, Disgraces, Contumelies, Slanders, Scoffs, &c.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Against Melancholy itself.
  • SECT. IV.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Of Physic which cureth with Medicines.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Simples proper to Melancholy, against Exotic Simples.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Alteratives, Herbs, other Vegetables, &c.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Precious Stones, Metals, Minerals, Alteratives.
  • SUBSECT. V.-Compound Alteratives
  • Censure of Compounds, and mixed Physic.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Purging Simples upward.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Simples purging Melancholy downward.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Compound Purgers.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Chirurgical Remedies.
  • SECT. V.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Particular Cure of the three several Kinds
  • of Head-Melancholy.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Bloodletting.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Preparatives and Purgers.
  • SUBSECT. IV.-Averters.
  • SUBSECT. V.-Alteratives and Cordials, corroborating, resolving the Relics, and mending the Temperament.
  • SUBSECT. VI.-Correctors of Accidents to procure Sleep Against fearful Dreams, Redness, &c.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Cure of Melancholy over all the Body.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Cure of Hypochondriacal Melancholy.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Correctors to expel Wind. Against Costiveness, &c.
  • SECT. I.
  • MEMB. I.
  • SUBSECT. I.-The Preface.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Love's Beginning, Object, Definition, Division.
  • MEMB. II.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Love of Men, which varies as his Objects, Profitable, Pleasant, Honest.
  • SUBSECT. II.-Pleasant Objects of Love.
  • SUBSECT. III.-Honest Objects of Love.
  • MEMB. III.
  • SUBSECT. I.-Charity composed of all three Kinds, Pleasant, Profitable, Honest.
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