Bulfinch's Mythology

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American author and banker Thomas Bulfinch is best known for his three separate works on mythology, "The Age of Fable, or Stories of Gods and Heroes", "The Age of Chivalry, or Legends of King Arthur", and "Legends of Charlemagne, or Romance of the Middle Ages" collectively entitled "Bulfinch's Mythology," which was first gathered together in one volume and published after his death in 1867. Carl J. Richard, Professor of History at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, has praised "Bulfinch's Mythology" as "one of the most popular books ever published in the United States and the standard work on classical mythology for nearly a century." Consisting of prose retellings from three eras, "Bulfinch's Mythology" relates the myths and legends of ancient Rome and Greece, the English tales of King Arthur, and the romances of the Middle Ages. It can be argued that no more accessible and comprehensive collection of the myths and legends of the western world exists than this work. This edition reproduces "Bulfinch's Mythology" in its entirety.
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  • Intro
  • Publishers' Preface
  • The Age of Fable
  • Author's Preface
  • Chapter I. Introduction
  • Chapter II. Prometheus and Pandora
  • Chapter III. Pollo and Daphne-Pyramus and thisbe Cephalus and Procris
  • Chapter IV. Juno and Her Rivals, Io and Callisto-Diana and Actæon-Latona and the Rustics
  • Chapter V. Phaëton
  • Chapter VI. Midas-Baucis and Philemon
  • Chapter VII. Proserpine-Glaucus and Scylla
  • Chapter VIII. Pygmalion-Dryope-Venus and Adonis-Apollo and Hyacinthus
  • Chapter IX. Ceyx and Halcyone: or, The Halcyon Birds
  • Chapter X. Vertumnus and Pomona
  • Chapter XI. Cupid and Psyche
  • Chapter XII. Cadmus-The Myrmidons
  • Chapter XIII. Nisus and Scylla-Echo and Narcissus-Clytie-Hero and Leander
  • Chapter XIV. Minerva-Niobe
  • Chapter XV. The Grææ and Gorgons-Perseus-Medusa-Atlas-Andromeda
  • Chapter XVI. Monsters
  • Chapter XVII. The Golden Fleece-Medea and Æson
  • Chapter XVIII. Meleager and Atalanta
  • Chapter XIX. Hercules-Hebe and Ganymede
  • Chapter XX. Theseus-Dædalus-Castor and Pollux
  • Chapter XXI. Bacchus-Ariadne
  • Chapter XXII. The Rural Deities-Erisichthon-Rhocus-The Water Deities-Camenæ-Winds
  • Chapter XXIII. Achelous and Hercules-Admetus and Alcestis-Antigone-Penelope
  • Chapter XXIV. Orpheus and Eurydice-Aristæus-Amphion-Linus-Thamyris-Marsyas-Melampus-Musæus
  • Chapter XXV. Arion-Ibycus-Simonides-Sappho
  • Chapter XXVI. Endymion-Orion-Aurora and Tithonus-Acis and Galatea
  • Chapter XXVII. The Trojan War
  • Chapter XXVIII. The Fall of Troy-Return of the Greeks-Orestes and Electra
  • Chapter XXIX. Adventures of Ulysses-The Lotus-Eaters-Cyclopses-Circe-Sirens-Scylla And Charybdis-Calypso
  • Chapter XXX. The Phæacians-Fate of the Suitors
  • Chapter XXXI. Adventures of Æneas-The Harpies-Dido-Palinurus
  • Chapter XXXII. The Infernal Regions-The Sibyl
  • Chapter XXXIII. Æneas in Italy
  • Chapter XXXIV. Pythagoras-Egyptian Deities-Oracles
  • Chapter XXXV. Origin of Mythology-Statues of Gods and Goddesses-Poets of Mythology
  • Chapter XXXVI. Modern Monsters-The Phonix-Basilisk-Unicorn-Salamander
  • Chapter XXXVII. Eastern Mythology-Zoroaster-Hindu Mythology-Castes-Buddha-Grand Lama
  • Chapter XXXVIII. Northern Mythology-Valhalla-The Valkyrior
  • Chapter XXXIX. Thor's Visit To Jotunheim
  • Chapter XL. The Death of Baldur-The Elves-Runic Letters-Skalds-Iceland-Teutonic Mythology-The Nibelungen Lied-Wagner's Nibelungen Ring
  • Chapter XLI. The Druids-Iona
  • Chapter XLII. Beowulf
  • The Age of Chivalry
  • Author's Preface
  • Part I. King Arthur and His Knights
  • Chapter I. Introduction
  • Chapter II. The Mythical History of England
  • Chapter III. Arthur
  • Chapter IV. Caradoc Briefbras
  • or, Caradoc With The Shrunken Arm
  • Chapter V. Sir Gawain
  • Chapter VI. Launcelot of the Lake
  • Chapter VII. The Story of Launcelot-The Adventure of the Cart
  • Chapter VIII. The Story of Launcelot-The Lady of Shalott
  • Chapter IX. The Story of Launcelot-Queen Guenever's Peril
  • Chapter X. The Story of Tristram of Lyonesse
  • Chapter XI. Tristram and Isoude
  • Chapter XII. The Story of Sir Tristram of Lyonesse
  • Chapter XIII. End of the Story of Sir Tristram of Lyonesse
  • Chapter XIV. The Story of Perceval
  • Chapter XV. The Quest of the Sangreal
  • Chapter XVI. The End of the Quest
  • Chapter XVII. Sir Agrivain's Treason
  • Chapter XVIII. Morte D'arthur
  • Part II. The Mabinogeon
  • Chapter XIX. The Britons
  • Chapter XX. The Lady of the Fountain
  • Chapter XXI. The Lady of the Fountain, Continued
  • Chapter XXII. The Lady of the Fountain, Continued
  • Chapter XXIII. Geraint, The Son of Erbin
  • Chapter XXIV. Geraint, The Son of Erbin, Continued
  • Chapter XXV. Geraint, The Son of Erbin, Continued
  • Chapter XXVI. Pwyll, Prince Of Dyved
  • Chapter XXVII. Branwen, The Daughter of Llyr
  • Chapter XXVIII. Manawyddan
  • Chapter XXIX. Kilwich and Olwen
  • Chapter XXX. Kilwich and Olwen, Continued
  • Chapter XXXI. Peredur, The Son of Evrawc
  • Chapter XXXII. Taliesin
  • Part III. The Knights of English History
  • Chapter XXXIII. King Richard and the Third Crusade
  • Chapter XXXIV. Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest
  • Chapter XXXV. Robin Hood and His Adventures
  • Chapter XXXVI. Chevy Chase
  • Chapter XXXVII. The Battle of Otterbourne
  • Chapter XXXVIII. Edward the Black Prince
  • Legends of Charlemagne
  • Author's Preface
  • Chapter I. Introduction
  • Chapter II. The Peers, or Paladins
  • Chapter III. The Tournament
  • Chapter IV. The Siege of Albracca
  • Chapter V. Adventures of Rinaldo and Orlando
  • Chapter VI. The Invasion of France
  • Chapter VII. The Invasion of France, Continued
  • Chapter VIII. Bradamante and Rogero
  • Chapter IX. Astolpho and the Enchantress
  • Chapter X. The Orc
  • Chapter XI. Astolpho's Adventures Continued, and Isabella's Begun
  • Chapter XII. Medoro
  • Chapter XIII. Orlando Mad
  • Chapter XIV. Zerbino and Isabella
  • Chapter XV. Astolpho in Abyssinia
  • Chapter XVI. The War in Africa
  • Chapter XVII. Rogero and Bradamante
  • Chapter XVIII. The Battle of Roncesvalles
  • Chapter XIX. Rinaldo and Bayard
  • Chapter XX. Death of Rinaldo
  • Chapter XXI. Huon of Bordeaux
  • Chapter XXII. Huon of Bordeaux, Continued
  • Chapter XXIII. Huon of Bordeaux, Continued
  • Chapter XXIV. Ogier, The Dane
  • Chapter XXV. Ogier, The Dane, Continued
  • Chapter XXVI. Ogier, The Dane, Continued
  • Glossary

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