Seven Keys to Restoring Your Sense of Purpose Despite Chronic Illness
Joanne Bracewell (Verlag)
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What if you could re-discover your sense of purpose now that you have been stricken with a terminal illness or disabling stroke? What if caring for your disabled friend or parent with dementia was no longer a burden but took on new meaning for each of you? Sowing Seeds of Hope for Tomorrow gives the reader seven practical ways to repurpose and redefine your struggle with disability. You will finally reconnect with people around you. Caregiving will take on new meaning as you learn to be genuine in the moment and minimize feelings of loneliness. Each chapter concludes with questions and Bible references helpful for personal reflection or group study. Anyone who struggles with loneliness, hopelessness, or frailty will benefit from these "Seeds of Hope."

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978-1-943106-44-8 (9781943106448)

Chapter 1 Listening
Chapter 2 Observing
Chapter 3 Describing
Chapter 4 Encouraging
Chapter 5 Laughter
Chapter 6 Teaching
Chapter 7 Praying
Chapter 8 There Is Hope
Chapter 9 What Next?
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