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A Roman historian of Greek descent, Appian was born in Alexandria (c. 95), received a formal education and later moved to Rome to serve as a barrister (c. 120). He was eventually presented with the title of procurator under Antoninus Pius, which allowed him to spend time on his "Historia Romana". The collection totaled 24 books written in Greek dialect, of which, unfortunately, only about half have survived, either complete or in large fragments. Beginning with Appian's own preface, the work chronicles nine centuries of Roman history, including the Spanish, Hannibalic, Punic, Illyrian, Syrian, and Mithridatic wars, and most significantly in the second volume, the Civil Wars. Although Appian's contributions were based on his limited knowledge of Republic institutions, he spent considerable time compiling, organizing and reducing material from such Greek and Latin authors such as Hieronymus of Cardia, Polybius, Gaius Asinius Pollio, Caesar, and Augustus. "The Roman History" is today an invaluable record of military history. Here in this edition we have the first of two volumes in which Appian's history of Rome's foreign wars are detailed.
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  • Title page
  • BOOK II-EXCERPTA. Concerning Italy
  • CHAPTER I. Boundaries of Spain-King Arganthonius-Early Carthaginian Occupation-Hamilcar Barca-His Death
  • CHAPTER II. Hasdrubal succeeds Hamilcar-Rise of Hannibal-He attacks Saguntum-The Saguntines appeal to Rome
  • CHAPTER III. War declared-The Two Scipios-Their Defeat and Death
  • CHAPTER IV. Cornelius Scipio-Arrives in Spain-Attacks New Carthage-Captures the City and Vast Booty
  • CHAPTER V. Scipio marches against the Two Hasdrubals-Battle of Carmone
  • CHAPTER VI. Scipio visits Africa-Other operations in Spain-Destruction of Ilurgia-The Fate of Astapa
  • CHAPTER VII. Mutiny in Scipio's Army-The Mutiny suppressed-Masinissa makes an Alliance with Scipio
  • CHAPTER VIII. Cato the Censor-His Victory in Spain-Revolt of the Lusones-The Elder Gracchus in Spain
  • CHAPTER IX. The Belli and the Titthi-Beginning of the Numantine War-Claudius Marcellus in Spain-Makes an Armistice-Licinius Lucullus succeeds Him-His Infamous Conduct-Scipio Africanus the Younger-Retreat of the Romans
  • CHAPTER X. The Lusitanian War-The Doings of Mummius-Servius Galba-His Infamous Conduct
  • CHAPTER XI. The rise of Viriathus-He defeats Vetilius-Defeats Plautius in Two Battles-Is defeated by Maximus Æmilianus
  • CHAPTER XII. War with Viriathus continued-A Treaty with Viriathus-The Treaty is broken by the Romans-D. Junius Brutus-Guerilla Bands coöperate with Viriathus-Viriathus assassinated-Character of Viriathus
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Numantine War-Pompeius Aulus lays Siege to Numantia-Makes a Treaty with the Numantines-The Senate repudiates it-Mancinus makes a Fresh Treaty-Æmilius Lepidus makes War Contrary to Orders of the Senate-The Senate repudiates the Treaty of Mancinus
  • CHAPTER XIV. Scipio Africanus the Younger sent against the Numantines-He restores Discipline in the Army-Scipio's Maxims of War-Skirmishes with the Numantines
  • CHAPTER XV. Builds a Wall around the City-Stops Communication by the River Numantia Closely Invested-The Exploit of Rhetogenes-Negotiations with Scipio-Numantia surrenders-Heroism of the Numantines-Scipio razes Numantia to the Ground
  • CHAPTER XVI. Later History-Infamous Behavior of Didius-Sertorius in Spain
  • CHAPTER I. Hamilcar Barca-Hannibal in Spain-Hannibal marches over the Alps
  • CHAPTER II. Battle of Ticinus-Battle of Trebia-Battle of Lake Thrasimenus-Hannibal destroys the Detachment of Centenius-Fabius Maximus chosen Dictator
  • CHAPTER III. The Policy of Fabius Maximus-Rashness of Minucius Rufus-Hannibal caught in a Trap-His Escape from Fabius-Carthage refuses to send Reënforcements to Hannibal-The New Consuls-Their Disagreement
  • CHAPTER IV. Preparations for Battle-Battle of Cannæ-Total Defeat of the Romans-Roman Losses-Hannibal's Strategy
  • CHAPTER V. Consternation in Rome-Senate refuses to ransom the Prisoners-Siege and Capture of Petilia-Dasius of Arpi
  • CHAPTER VI. The Capture of Tarentum-The Citadel holds out-Hannibal captures Thurii-Also Metapontum and Heraclea-The Romans besiege Capua-Hannibal marches to Rome-Consternation in the City-Flaccus follows Hannibal
  • CHAPTER VII. Hannibal breaks into the Camp of Fulvius, but is driven out-Capua surrenders to the Romans-A Town of Bruttium lost and regained-The Story of Dasius and Blatius
  • CHAPTER VIII. Defeat and Death of the Consul Fulvius-The Romans recover Tarentum-Death of Marcellus-Hannibal foiled at Salapia-Battle of the Metaurus-Hannibal retires to Bruttium
  • CHAPTER IX. Scipio sails to Sicily-A Sacred Image brought to Rome-Hannibal's Troubles in Bruttium-Hannibal recalled by Carthage-Tries to take his Italian Soldiers thither-Embarks for Africa-Punishment of the Bruttians
  • CHAPTER I. First Phonician Settlement-First Punic War-Regulus defeated by Xanthippus-Fate of Regulus-The Mercenary War
  • CHAPTER II. Hannibal's Invasion of Italy-Scipio's Invasion of Africa-Consternation at Carthage-Syphax and Masinissa-War between Masinissa and Carthage
  • CHAPTER III. Scipio arrives in Africa-First Skirmishes-Capture of Locha-Siege of Utica-Negotiations of Syphax
  • CHAPTER IV. Scipio's Night Attack on Hasdrubal-Speech to his Officers before the Attack-Complete Victory of Scipio Retreat of Syphax-Scipio advances against Carthage-Indecisive Naval Engagement
  • CHAPTER V. Masinissa defeats and captures Syphax-Syphax and Sophonisba-Death of Sophonisba-Plot to burn Scipio's Camp-Siege of Utica raised
  • CHAPTER VI. Hannibal recalled-Negotiations for Peace-Hannibal lands at Hadrumetum-The Armistice violated-Hannibal sent for-He proposes a Renewal of the Armistice
  • CHAPTER VII. Riots in Carthage-Second Armistice broken-Preparations for Battle-Speeches of Hannibal and Scipio-Battle of Zama-Personal Encounter of Hannibal and Scipio-Hannibal's Defeat and Flight
  • CHAPTER VIII. Spoils of the Victory-An Embassy to Scipio-Speech of Hasdrubal Eriphus-Scipio's Reply-Scipio's Conditions of Peace
  • CHAPTER IX. Hannibal advises their Acceptance-Another Embassy to Rome-Debate in the Senate-Views of Scipio's Friends-The Counsels of Clemency and of Prudence-Views of Scipio's Rivals-The Crimes of Carthage-Call for Vengeance-The Senate ratifies Scipio's TForm of a Roman Triumph
  • CHAPTER X. Masinissa's Depredations-Factions in Carthage-The Visit of Cato-War with Masinissa-A Battle with Masinissa-Carthaginian Army surrounded and captured
  • CHAPTER XI. Third Punic War-No Excuse for It-Utica joins the Romans-Hostages demanded of Carthage-Pitiful Scenes when the Hostages were sent-Roman Army lands at Utica-Embassy from Carthage
  • CHAPTER XII. Reply of Censorinus-"Perfidia plusquam Punica"-Terrible Plight of Carthage-Pathetic Speech of Banno-Reply of Censorinus
  • CHAPTER XIII. Return of the Ambassadors-Terrible Scenes in the City-Carthage resolves to fight-Slow Movements of the Consuls
  • CHAPTER XIV. Topography of Carthage-The Two Harbors-The Romans repulsed-Roman Rams destroyed-Scipio the Younger-Fleet burned-Exploits of Phameas
  • CHAPTER XV. A Sally from the City-Manilius marches against Hasdrubal and is repulsed-Flight of Manilius-A Detachment rescued
  • CHAPTER XVI. Rising Fame of Scipio-Death of Masinissa-A Talk with Phameas-Treason of Phameas-Arrival of the New Consul Piso-Piso repulsed-The Carthaginians in High Spirits
  • CHAPTER XVII. Scipio elected Consul-Saves Mancinus from Destruction-Demoralization of the Army-Scipio's Speech to the Soldiers
  • CHAPTER XVIII. Restores Discipline and captures Megara-Cruelties of Hasdrubal-Scipio's Intrenched Camp-Cuts off the Supplies of Carthage-Attempts to close the Harbor but fails-Indecisive Naval Engagement-Desperate Fight for Possession of a Quay-Scipio captures Nepheris
  • CHAPTER XIX. Scipio takes the Inner Harbor-Fighting in the Streets-Scenes of Horror-Fighting in Byrsa-Hasdrubal and his Wife-Destruction of Carthage-Scipio sheds Tears
  • CHAPTER XX. Rejoicings in Rome-Scipio's Triumph-Carthage rebuilt by Augustus
  • CHAPTER I. Origin of the Illyrians-The Vengeance of Apollo-First Contact with the Romans
  • CHAPTER II. First Illyrian War-Second Illyrian War-War with Genthius-War with the Dalmatians
  • CHAPTER III. Julius Cæsar and the Illyrians-The Pannonians on the Danube
  • CHAPTER IV. Augustus invades Illyria-Subjugation of the Salassi and of the Iapydes-Hard Fighting at Metulus-Destruction of the City-War against the Segestani-Their City Captured
  • CHAPTER V. Second War against the Dalmatians-The City of Promona taken-Sunodium burned-The Dalmatians subdued
  • CHAPTER I. Ambition of Antiochus the Great-His First Disagreement with Rome-A Conference at Lysimacheia-Hannibal at Ephesus-Antiochus forms Alliances
  • CHAPTER II. Sends an Embassy to Rome-Hannibal's Advice to Antiochus-Hannibal sends a Messenger to Carthage-Roman Ambassadors meet Hannibal at Ephesus-Colloquy between Hannibal and Scipio Africanus-The Place of Hannibal's Death
  • CHAPTER III. Antiochus invades Greece-Amynander, King of the Athamanes, joins him-Hannihal repeats his Advice-The Romans prepare for War-Philip joins the Romans
  • CHAPTER IV. The Romans cross the Adriatic-Antiochus occupies Thermopylæ-Battle at Thermopylæ-Antiochus defeated-Flees to Asia-The two Scipios sent against him
  • CHAPTER V. The Romans win a Naval Victory-The Scipios march to the Hellespont-A Roman Fleet captured by Stratagem-Fighting at Pergamus-The Naval Battle of Myonessus
  • CHAPTER VI. Consternation of Antiochus-Antiochus sends Proposals to the Scipios-Both Armies prepare for Battle-The Roman Formation-Antiochus draws up his Forces-The Battle of Magnesia-The Macedonian Phalanx broken-Total Defeat of Antiochus
  • CHAPTER VII. Antiochus sues for Peace-Scipio's Reply-Treaty ratified-Accusations against Scipio-A Similar Accusation against Epaminondas-Manlius succeeds Scipio-A Disaster in Thrace-Rewards to Eumenes
  • CHAPTER VIII. The Successors of Antiochus the Great-Antiochus Epiphanes-Antiochus Eupator-Demetrius Soter-Tigranes, King of Armenia, conquers Syria-Pompey seizes it for the Romans-Also Phonicia and Palestine-Later History of Syria
  • CHAPTER IX. Syria at the Death of Alexander the Great-Seleucus Nicator-The Extent of the Empire-Oracles and Prodigies concerning Seleucus-Cities founded by him-Seleucia-on-the-Tigris
  • CHAPTER X. Seleucus, Antiochus, and Stratonice-Seleucus divides his Kingdom-Death of Seleucus-Death of Lysimachus
  • CHAPTER XI. The Successors of Seleucus-Demetrius Soter-Palace Conspiracies-End of the Seleucidæ
  • CHAPTER I. Prusias, King of Bithynia-His Attack upon Attalus-His Son Nicomedes-Conspiracy against Prusias-Death of Prusias
  • CHAPTER II. Cappadocia in Ancient Times-The First Mithridates-Mithridates Eupator-His First Difficulty with the Romans-Sends an Ambassador to Them-His Dispute with Nicomedes-Duplicity of the Roman Legates
  • CHAPTER III. Mithridates seizes Cappadocia-Sends Another Embassy-First Mithridatic War-The Romans badly defeated-Retreat of the Roman Forces-The Roman Generals captured
  • CHAPTER IV. Mithridates orders a Massacre of Romans in Asia-Frightful Scenes in Ephesus and Other Cities-Mithridates attacks Rhodes-Is defeated on the Sea-Makes an Assault by Land-Is beaten off
  • CHAPTER V. Athens sides with Mithridates-Other Greek States follow her Example-Cornelius Sulla marches against Mithridates-Besieges the Piræus-Archelaus makes a Sally-Sulla sends Lucullus to procure Ships-Hard Fighting on the Walls-Famine in Athens-BattleSulla repulsed from Piræus
  • CHAPTER VI. Athens taken-Slaughter of the Inhabitants-Sulla returns to the Piræus-Drives Archelaus out-Burns the Piræus-Follows Archelaus-Battle of Chæronea-Archelaus routed-Great slaughter of the Barbarians
  • CHAPTER VII. Fury and Cruelty of Mithridates-The Dismal Fate of Chios-Terror of the Greek Cities in Asia-Conspiracy against Mithridates-Battle of Orchomenus-Archelaus again defeated by Sulla
  • CHAPTER VIII. Sulla declared a Public Enemy-Flaccus and Fimbria-Fimbria destroys Ilium-Mithridates sues for Peace-Sulla's Answer-Terms of the Treaty offered by Sulla-Mithridates delays and Sulla marches to Asia-A Personal Conference-What Sulla said to MitMithridates accepts the Terms
  • CHAPTER IX. Sulla demands the Surrender of Fimbria-Suicide of Fimbria-Sulla settles the Affairs of Asia-His Speech to the People-Imposes Five Years' Taxes and the Cost of the War-Piracy in the Mediterranean-Second Mithridatic War-The Aggressions of MurenaSulla puts a Stop to the War
  • CHAPTER X. New Troubles brewing-Mithridates forms an Alliance with Sertorius and prepares for War-Makes a Speech to his Troops-Invades Bithynia
  • CHAPTER XI. Lucullus takes the Command against him and cuts off his Supplies at Cyzicus-Mithridates besieges Cyzicus-Valiant Defence of the City-Famine in the Besieging Army-Flight of Mithridates-Lucullus pursues-Mithridates suffers Shipwreck
  • CHAPTER XII. Second Campaign of Lucullus against Mithridates-Crosses a Mountain Range-A Panic in the Camp of Mithridates-Mithridates takes Refuge with Tigranes-Lucullus regulates the Pontic Cities-Demands the Surrender of Mithridates from Tigranes-MarchesTotal Defeat of Tigranes Capture of Tigranocerta
  • CHAPTER XIII. Tigranes collects a New Army-Indecisive Movements-Mithridates defeats the Romans under Fabius and overwhelms Triarius-Intrigue against Lucullus at Rome
  • CHAPTER XIV. Pompey invested with the Command-The Pirates in the Mediterranean-Distress and Anxiety at Rome-Pompey assigned to Command against the Pirates-His Arrangements for attacking them-Proceeds to Cilicia-Captures and destroys their Strongholds
  • CHAPTER XV. Extraordinary Powers given to Pompey-He marches against Mithridates-The King retreats by Night-Pompey overtakes and defeats him-Mithridates again flees to Armenia, and thence to the Scythians-Pompey advances to Colchis-Fights a Battle with thePompey pardons him, and settles the Affairs of Armenia
  • CHAPTER XVI. Other Wars of Pompey-Brings Syria under Roman Rule-Mithridates in the Crimea-Prepares for Another War-Revolt against Mithridates-He plans an Invasion of Italy-His Son Pharnaces forms a Plot against him-Mutiny in the Army-Mithridates takes PoiHe is buried at Sinope
  • CHAPTER XVII. Pompey's Exploits in the East-Cities founded by him-Pompey's Triumph-Captives led in his Procession-Inscription on his Tablet-New Countries added to the Roman Sway-The Armaments of Mithridates-The Career of Pharnaces-Later History of Pontus

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