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Literary scholar, professor, and poet J. Lesslie Hall is best known for his 1897 translation of the Old English epic poem "Beowulf." The famous plot focuses on the titular character of Beowulf, a Scandinavian hero who comes to the aid of the Danes to save their land from a human-demon monster named Grendel. After defeating Grendel, Beowulf must then kill Grendel's mother. He returns to Scandinavia with more fame and accord and eventually becomes king. Then fifty years later, a dragon attacks his kingdom, and the hero must fight once again to defend his title and his honor. What makes "Beowulf" a lasting classic is its depiction of the Norse traditions and culture. The people have strong connections inherent within a kinship society; if someone was killed, it was the family's duty to exact justice or receive payment for the death. "Beowulf "also shows an interesting dichotomy between the Norse pagan religion of when the story is set paired with the monotheistic Christian storytellers. Many scholars debate the epic poem's true stance on religion, but the tale gives an accurate depiction of how paganism deteriorated as monotheism flourished. Regardless of the reader's intent, though, Lesslie Hall's translation of "Beowulf" is a must-read for anyone interested in classic Anglo-Saxon literature.
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  • Intro
  • Introduction
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations Used in the Notes
  • Bibliography of Translations
  • Glossary of Proper Names
  • List of Words and Phrases
  • Beowulf
  • I. The Life and Death of Scyld.
  • II. Scyldâ??s Successors.-Hrothgarâ??s Great Mead-Hall.
  • III. Grendel the Murderer.
  • IV. Beowulf Goes to Hrothgarâ??s Assistance.
  • V. The Geats Reach Heorot.
  • VI. Beowulf Introduces Himself at the Palace.
  • VII. Hrothgar and Beowulf.
  • VIII. Hrothgar And Beowulf.-Continued.
  • IX. Unferth Taunts Beowulf.
  • X. Beowulf Silences Unferth.-Glee Is High.
  • XI. All Sleep Save One.
  • XII. Grendel and Beowulf.
  • XIII. Grendel Is Vanquished.
  • XIV. Rejoicing of the Danes.
  • XV. Hrothgarâ??s Gratitude.
  • XVI. Hrothgar Lavishes Gifts Upon His Deliverer.
  • XVII. Banquet (continued).-The Scopâ??s Song of Finn and Hnæf.
  • XVIII. The Finn Episode (continued).-The Banquet Continues.
  • XIX. Beowulf Receives Further Honor.
  • XX. The Mother of Grendel.
  • XXI. Hrothgarâ??s Account of the Monsters.
  • XXII. Beowulf Seeks Grendelâ??s Mother.
  • XXIII. Beowulfâ??s Fight With Grendelâ??s Mother.
  • XXIV. Beowulf Is Double-Conqueror.
  • XXV. Beowulf Brings His Trophies.-Hrothgarâ??s Gratitude.
  • XXVI. Hrothgar Moralizes.-Rest After Labor.
  • XXVII. Sorrow At Parting.
  • XXVIII. The Homeward Journey.-The Two Queens.
  • XXIX. Beowulf and Higelac.
  • XXX. Beowulf Narrates His Adventures to Higelac.
  • XXXI. Gift-Giving Is Mutual.
  • XXXII. The Hoard and the Dragon.
  • XXXIII. Brave Though Aged.-Reminiscences.
  • XXXIV. Beowulf Seeks the Dragon.-Beowulfâ??s Reminiscences.
  • XXXV. Reminiscences (continued).-Beowulfâ??s Last Battle.
  • XXXVI. Wiglaf the Trusty.-Beowulf Is Deserted By Friends and By Sword.
  • XXXVII. The Fatal Struggle.-Beowulfâ??s Last Moments.
  • XXXVIII. Wiglaf Plunders the Dragonâ??s Den.-Beowulfâ??s Death.
  • XXXIX. The Dead Foes.-Wiglafâ??s Bitter Taunts.
  • XL. The Messenger of Death.
  • XLI. The Messengerâ??s Retrospect.
  • XLII. Wiglafâ??s Sad Story.-The Hoard Carried Off.
  • XLIII. The Burning of Beowulf.
  • Addenda

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