Unleashed: Business and Life With Purpose

How to Make a Profit While Making a Difference
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The business environment has changed rapidly all over the world in the last few years. People no longer simply want a business they can buy products and services from. Customers these days want to see that a business is doing good work in the community, is acting ethically, and is not compromising its values in a heartless pursuit of profits. Customers want to purchase from businesses and people they can connect with. In Unleashed: Business and Life With Purpose you'll discover business leadership, entrepreneurship and successful franchising from the perspective of Anthony Amos, Founder of the HydroDog mobile dog-grooming company that conquered Australia and is now expanding throughout the United States.
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978-1-925648-93-5 (9781925648935)
Chapter 1 Business, family and strong relationships DOMAIN 1: FRANCHISE LEADERSHIP AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurship is a difficult and challenging thing to master, but it gives you massive freedom if you do it successfully. And if it's something you really love doing, there are great rewards. Entrepreneurship is very, very powerful because you can affect not just your family but also other people with your message and with your product or service. I couldn't even imagine a 9-to-5 job. I'd go crazy. Being a strong leader has been imperative on this tour. Think about this: we haven't focused on saying to people what we are going to do. We're actually doing it. We're on the road; we're going from shelter to shelter; we're raising money; we're saving lives. That is such a leadership role in entrepreneurship. It doesn't get any better than that. The founders of the company got in a bus and drove around the country to introduce a social conscious aspect to their business model and their product has a social conscience level like no other, and they are so committed that they've eschewed normal living for a long period of time to do this. That's where the franchise leadership comes in. We have a product and a business model that is obviously successful because of our work in Australia, but we've gone out there and shown everybody we're not just resting on our laurels, talking about how good a strategy we have. We're going to say, "Listen: we understand in today's economic and social environment we all need to do more. When someone buys a HydroDog franchise, they're going to be able to say, "The founders of the company drove around the country for two years, saving dogs' lives." They'll want to be a big part of that company and the HydroDog corporate culture of continuing this mission. That's the real value proposition leadership brings to the table. It's lead by example: make your actions speak louder than your words. Say how it is, mean what you say, and say what you mean. but then get out there and really do it. DOMAIN 2: LIVING A LEGACY AND LEAVING A LEGACY Legacy is talked about a lot. Life goes so quick, and to me, turning 40 changed everything in my life. It caused me to look at things differently. You want to have an impact on your family, first and foremost. That's leaving a legacy. The second part is leaving a legacy for generations, for your family to always say, "That was my parent, that was my grandparent, that was my great-grandparent." And today, with media assets all over the place, your legacy can be left forever. And living the legacy is the most exciting component: you get to build the process that you know is going to be the legacy. I know my drive . when people talk about their purpose, I know my drive is this legacy part: it's an enthusiasm for having this effect, changing the world, doing something that no one else has ever done before. And when you are living the legacy there's a great motivation, because at the end of it you'll have your family for generations look at what you created, and they'll either carry on with it or be inspired to do something of their own. That's where the real drive comes from. You know, you've got family members who are going to look at that and go, "If he can do it, I can do it." Not necessarily in the same business, but something of their own. You want it known that anything is possible, and some day someone will say, "You know what your grandfather did? He drove around the country with your grandma. In two years on the road they launched a franchise business in America that saves dogs' lives, and they didn't kill each other in the process! And, because of them you are here today." So, I think the biggest component for me is living the legacy and leaving the legacy. DOMAIN 3: SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS, SOCIAL CONSCIENCE, HUMANITARIANISM, AND FRIENDS The biggest impact with this tour has been the social consciousness we've been able to create. People have bought into this company and want to be partners because of the impact of this social consciousness, and you can create this within your own company too. This plays into roles where people become great friends and great mates because they see you're really putting yourself out there and giving back. It's about having a flow and a congruency with people, and then it's ultimately a business model where you have people in the business who want to do what you're doing because of the humanitarian aspect to it. It's respected, and people want to have a leader they can emulate, so they can duplicate the process to watch their business grow. For example, with our master franchisees, or Area Reps, they're in their given states, and I teach them everything I know to help make their business a success. It becomes very impactful because the culture you create from the top trickles down. The three domains PUTTING YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND It's so important to find your social conscience level, understand what your ideal non-profit partnership is going to be, and then get out there and put your feet on the ground. Don't be in the position where you're writing a $100,000 cheque to your charity just to get the recognition and the PR. Instead, meet the people who can't write a $100,000 cheque. I'll give you the best example ever: if we wrote a $100,000 cheque to the Humane Society tomorrow, they would be absolutely elated. It would be a ridiculously good relationship. The media behind that would be just incredible. What is missing in that is how to relate to the people who can't write the $100,000 cheque. They're going to look at that and go, "How does that affect us? Okay, great, you support a charity, but we didn't have anything to do with that." So, we took it to the people. We have our Bathe to Save events: people come down and donate $20 to $40 to get their dog washed, and 100 percent of that money goes to the shelter. So, collectively, over several events and over a number of states, we will raise the $100,000 together that goes to charity, but we're now connected with the people in the middle, and they're the ones who'll be loyal to our cause. They'll be the ones who make this sustainable. They'll be the ones who will have the social conscience level that can bring other people in to support your mission. So, you need to be crystal clear on what your social consciousness contribution's going to be: what is your charity or charitable aspect, or the non-profit you're going to partner with, and how are you going to actually implement that instead of just writing a cheque? That's a significant difference in our business, and that will help you get to the next level. With our Bathe to Save events people come down and donate $20 to $40 to get their dog washed, and 100 percent of that money goes to the shelter How does it work? So how does it all actually work? Our people will talk to the people who are involved in the local shelters, the people who rescue the dogs. We'll work with a sponsor to put the event on. We'll then get local radio and local TV, so everybody's there together. The whole community is then in one big social arena, united in supporting the rescuing of the dogs. So, our company has put the stick in the sand, gone out and found the sponsor, found the shelter, brought the community together, and then all of a sudden we're connecting with all the people who can be loyal to our cause. And they likely will be, because they can see we are making a direct impact; we're effecting positive change. By involving all these people you have so much more power to make the idea work. The contribution of all these people really makes a difference, and they're able to see that. And, ultimately, the cumulative effect is to make progress towards the goals of Bathe to Save. It's all about truly connecting with people, and for them to become loyal to your brand as you pursue your stated goals and demonstrate your efforts. It's difficult to get people to be loyal to your brand when you just write a $100,000 cheque. Everyone will love your donations, but if you're creating really special events that people look forward to, and dogs get rescued on that day, then it is clear the contribution you are making, and it brings people together. Even if you're a national organisation, you need to bring it back to the community. You need community loyalty, because that's real traction. The way we set it up is we put the hard work in at the front end and created the buzz about the Bathe to Save Tour, and now we're effectively piecing that into our franchisees' marketplaces by then keeping the Bathe to Save legacy alive with the recurring, locally managed Bathe to Save events. By going out there and doing the tour first to demonstrate the effects of what we're going to do on a larger scale, it's like fertiliser for our franchisees and our Area Reps to be able to grow throughout the country. Earn your stripes When we were looking for our sponsors, a guy called me, saying, "Anthony, we...

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