Ecology and Existence

Bringing Sartre to the Water's Edge
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By Matthew C. Ally
  • Intro
  • Acknowledgments
  • Prelude
  • Many Ways to Wonder
  • Hands in the mud
  • Head in the clouds
  • Nose to the glass
  • Eye to the lens
  • Feeling for patterns
  • Adding things up
  • Passing by
  • Around and around
  • A small blue egg
  • A pond is a pond
  • Note
  • ships passing in the night
  • Chapter 1
  • Toward an Existential Ecology
  • The state of the Earth and the fate of the world
  • An uninvited guest at a cliquey party
  • The guest list
  • The better side of the impasse, and how to get there
  • The plan of the work
  • On reading this book
  • Notes
  • Chapter 2
  • Bringing Sartre to the Biosphere
  • Into the Sartrean straits
  • He started it
  • Excursus on Sartre and feminism
  • Who is the "we" of this book?
  • The prospect of a safe passage
  • What can we know about a pond?
  • One last proviso
  • Notes
  • what can we know about a pond?
  • First Interval
  • On Method and Substance
  • By what means?
  • Show or tell?
  • Show and tell
  • A whiff of the dialectic
  • No secrets allowed
  • Phenomenology forever
  • Notes
  • Chapter 3
  • A Phenomenological Exploration
  • To see what there is to see
  • From the agony of water to the ways of wetness
  • From an avian absence to other-than-human minds
  • From other-than-human minds to more-than-human bodies
  • Excursus on the body of Sartre's big book
  • The fallen
  • Of earthly questions and worldly answers
  • Notes
  • Second Interval
  • On Method and Substance
  • Dialectical experience
  • The absolute in the relative
  • Show it anyway
  • The next step
  • Notes
  • Chapter 4
  • A Dialectical Investigation
  • From Earth to world
  • Secret identities and hybrid natures
  • Of the natural and the artificial
  • Just the facts, please
  • A flock of contradictions in a knot of needs
  • A braid of flows in a web of scarcity
  • Like rungs in a ladder
  • The bottom rung
  • The middle rung, though not the middling
  • The top rung, for now
  • From hierarchy toward holarchy
  • What on Earth is going on in the world?
  • Notes
  • Chapter 5
  • Order and Autonomy in Nature and History
  • A pious dream?
  • Passivity, exteriority, inertia
  • History, culture, materiality
  • Immersion, separation, isolation
  • Magic, desire, ambivalence
  • Sartre, science, and dialectics
  • Scientific evolution
  • An aberrant science
  • Things to come
  • New answers to old questions
  • Origins and totality: molecules, autonomy, organisms
  • Transformation: complexity, self-organization, coevolution
  • Interior relations: systems, planets, a goddess
  • Irreducibility: ontology, epistemology, mereology
  • More interesting after all?
  • More than a pious dream
  • Notes
  • Third Interval
  • On Method and Substance
  • What praxis means
  • What praxis is
  • What praxis does
  • Why praxis matters
  • Notes
  • Chapter 6
  • From Integral Humanity to Participatory Belonging
  • Ecologizing Sartre's ethics
  • Normative naturalism, the naturalistic fallacy, and natural values
  • Promises, promises
  • Five not-so-easy pieces
  • The impossible necessity of morality
  • An ecological axiology?
  • Paper or plastic?
  • All of a piece
  • Quenching the unquenchable
  • The meaning of need
  • Animal exigencies
  • One plus one equals one
  • Rejoining the guild
  • Notes
  • ponds on earth and other worlds
  • Chapter 7
  • A Worldly Crisis in Earthly Perspective
  • Facing reality
  • In defense of the real
  • Against the universal
  • A global turning point
  • A planetary crossroads
  • Of capacities and boundaries
  • What's in a name?
  • Capitalist world
  • Colony earth
  • Consumptive hominid
  • The lives and deaths of a pond
  • Of winners losing and losers winning
  • Toward the imaginary
  • Notes
  • On Method and Substance
  • The basics
  • Enter Pierre
  • The functions
  • Pierre returns
  • A circle unbroken
  • Notes
  • Chapter 8
  • Intimations of a New Socioecological Imaginary
  • From the theory of imaginaries to imaginative practice
  • The nether side of progress
  • To cross this earthly intersection
  • Of worldly imaginaries
  • Coalescent images of the imaginary
  • Beyond the copula
  • A blinding glimpse of the obvious
  • Possible futures
  • An imaginary history of the pond
  • Notes
  • from habitability to livability
  • Chapter 9
  • To the Far Side of Anthropocentrism
  • Just another bad idea
  • Sins of the father
  • The center does not hold
  • Special dispensations and the secret society
  • If all you have is a hammer
  • Two things to forgive and nothing to forget
  • Dominion's end and means beyond mastery
  • Notes
  • Fifth Interval
  • On Method and Substance
  • Notes
  • Chapter 10
  • On the Near Side of Ecocentrism
  • In the beginning was the deed
  • Crying fire in an empty theater
  • Forever earthlings, here and elsewhere
  • Never say can't
  • Keeping time
  • Through a glass not-so-darkly
  • Twelve pragmatist theses for a habitable planet
  • Presenting the future
  • Twelve prefigurative precepts for a livable world
  • Almost algorithmic
  • Reimagining revolution
  • It's the system
  • Time to swim
  • Marching Orders
  • Notes
  • Coda
  • Bringing Earth and World Together Again
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author

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