The Blue Way

How to Profit by Investing in a Better World
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Turning conventional wisdom on its head, The Blue Way shows why socially progressive companies that make political contributions to "blue" politicians and causes outperform "red" companies.

The idea that progressives are better at businesses than conservatives will surprise most people - including many progressives. But as The Blue Way shows, in nearly every sector of the economy, blue companies are the top performers. As a result, an investor who places his money in stocks of blue companies will do better than one who chooses red companies or who chooses to invest in the market as a whole. In The Blue Way, Daniel Adamson and Joe Andrew, cofounders of Blue Investment Management, identify the companies that have the most progressive social values - fair wages, equal opportunity, environmental responsibility - and also contribute to progressive political causes (or are at least neutral). They describe the portfolio they have built around those companies, which to date has out-performed the market. Their innovative investment strategy offers a profitable approach for investors seeking a principled and successful stock portfolio.

But The Blue Way is also a stirring manifesto, a call to embrace socially and politically progressive values. As the authors show, these values aren't anti-business; they are pro-American. For decades the American economy has performed better under Democratic administrations than under Republicans. Americans who "buy blue," say Adamson and Andrew, aren't just acting on their values; they are helping to grow the American economy. The authors explain how to build a "blue infrastructure," a progressive ecosystem in which companies and activists with progressive values can support blue politicians and causes. The Blue Way shows how the progressive movement can learn from the success of the blue business world and create a new progressive majority for the future.The Blue Way describes a revolutionary investment strategy back by solid financial research that benefits investors while fostering socially progressive American values.

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Daniel de Faro Adamson and Joe Andrew
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  • Contents
  • CHAPTER 1 The Great Illusion
  • CHAPTER 2 Seeing Red
  • CHAPTER 3 Being Blue Puts Companies in the Black
  • CHAPTER 4 The Principles of Progressive Leadership IInnovation, Flexibility, Ecoefficiency
  • CHAPTER 5 The Principles of Progressive Leadership IIDealing with Employees, Critics, and the Long Haul
  • CHAPTER 6 Buying BlueA Guide for the Awakened Consumer
  • CHAPTER 7 Painting Wall Street BluePolitically Responsible Shareholder Activism
  • CHAPTER 8 The BlueprintBuilding a Blue Financial Infrastructure
  • CHAPTER 9 The Progressive Ecosystem
  • CHAPTER 10 Blue AmericaThe Future Progressive Majority
  • Notes
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