From Pieces to Weight

Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens
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That's what this book is about--the good times and the bad times. I wrote this book to explain the world I come from. To a lot of people, I may be too young to reflect on life. And they may be right. But I'd be wasting my blessings if I didn't use the attention I'm getting to shed light on the experiences that have caused me to say the things I say and make the kind of music I make. I want to explain my environment to those who don't come any closer to it than the records they buy or the images they see on television. People want the truth. Even if they can't handle it, they want it. I let you know that I survived nine bullets not to sell records, but because it's the truth. Every time I sit down for an interview, I'm asked, "Well, 50, how did it feel to get shot nine times?" But those stories don't hold the weight, the pain, or the hope of my experience. It just can't. This is my mindset and these are the things that go on. This is why I say the rhymes that I say. This is what happened when I was trying to get rich before I died in Southside Queens.
So begins From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens, a violent and introspective memoir that reveals not only 50's story but the story of a generation of youth faced with hard choices and very little options. A tale of sacrifice, transformation and redemption, but it is also one of hope, determination and the power of self. Told in 50's own unique voice, the narrative drips with the raw insight, street wisdom, and his struggle to survive at all costs...and behold the riches of the American Dream.
50 Cent has sold over 20 million records worldwide. His record-breaking debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin' has sold over 12 million units worldwide, with the largest debut in SoundScan history. While his sophomore effort, The Massacre, sold over 1.14 million copies in its fi rst four days of release, he has since become the fi rst artist to have four songs in the top ten of Billboard's Hot 100 since The Beatles in 1964.
His business empire includes: a record label (G-Unit Records, a division of Interscope Records), apparel/footwear ventures (G-Unit Clothing and footwear, joint ventures through the Ecko Clothing Company and Reebok, respectively), vitamin water (Formula 50, through Glacéau's Vitamin Water), watch line (G-Unit Watches, through Jacob & Co), and a video game (50 Cent: Bulletproof, through Vivendi Games). His future plans are to dominate the film and television worlds through two new G-Unit ventures in film and television...and his most prized project: the nonprofit organization The G-Unity Foundation, which aims to better the life of urban youth.
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50 Cent with Kris Ex
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  • CHAPTER 1 "There was nosuch thing as crack."
  • CHAPTER 2 "There was always drama."
  • CHAPTER 3 "What part of the game is this?"
  • CHAPTER 4 "You gotta play for tomorrow,even if tomorrow never comes."
  • CHAPTER 5 "I don't gotta go to church totalk to God or to read the Bible."
  • CHAPTER 6 "It wasn't the drug game-it was the drug business."
  • CHAPTER 7 "My ability to controlmy anger during confrontationwas my edge."
  • CHAPTER 8 "He was as mean a bastard asthe drug game ever bred."
  • CHAPTER 9 "I kept pulling the trigger untilI busted the firing pin."
  • CHAPTER 10 "My heart dropped. It was like I was seeing a ghost."
  • CHAPTER 11 "You can go to jail for that shit."
  • CHAPTER 12 "This right here is your last chance. Next stop, the Big House."
  • CHAPTER 13 "I'm glad they're on our side."
  • CHAPTER 14 "When it starts to rain, it really pours on my fucking ass."
  • CHAPTER 15 "You can send me to jail, but you're not gonna make me run through some cold-ass water first.."
  • CHAPTER 16 "This is when I started to think big. Really big."
  • CHAPTER 17 "She would become the motherof my first son."
  • CHAPTER 18 "I was on my way tobeing a rap star."
  • CHAPTER 19 "Fuck! Sometimes the rap gamedoes remind me of the crack game."
  • CHAPTER 20 "Now you're getting personal. It's not going to be easyto cool this down."
  • CHAPTER 21 "The shooter was on me, emptying bullets."
  • CHAPTER 22 "I had to go to the gym just toget my legs back in it."
  • CHAPTER 23 "The only business model I hadwas from selling drugs, so that's howI marketed my product."
  • CHAPTER 24 "I can't take my vest?Well, I can't make the meeting."
  • CHAPTER 25 "I'm telling you it's gonna be crazy when you come out. They gonna be all over you when you come this time."
  • CHAPTER 26 "If there's one thing that's not coolto be in the streets, that's a snitch."
  • CHAPTER 27 "Every time I was in the newspaper, it was for some shit that didn't haveanything to do with music."

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