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This volume explores the latest techniques used to investigate nanotoxicity. The protocols covered in this book range from routine nanotoxicity assays to genomic and proteomic approaches in vivo and in vitro. The chapters discuss specific topics such as preparation and utilization of 3D human liver microtissue models; assessment of ovarian granulosa cells with exposure to nanoparticles; DNA methylation analysis; evaluation of genotoxicity of nanoparticles in mouse models; and studying nanotoxicity using embryonic zebrafish. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Cutting-edge and practical, Nanotoxicity: Methods and Protocols is a valuable resource for researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of toxicology, environmental science, pharmacological sciences, and clinical medicine. This volume also serves as a starting point for researchers interested in learning more about this developing field.
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1. In Vitro Methods for Assessing Nanoparticle Toxicity Dustin T. Savage, J. Zach Hilt, and Thomas D. Dziubla 2. Methods for Assessing Mast Cell Responses to Engineered Nanomaterial Exposure Nasser B. Alsaleh and Jared M. Brown 3. Preparation and Utilization of a 3D Human Liver Microtissue Model for Nanotoxicological Assessment Ali Kermanizadeh 4. Deriving Neural Cells from Pluripotent Stem Cells for Nanotoxicity Testing Yiling Hong, Nymph Chan, and Aynun N. Begum 5. Methods for Evaluation of Ovarian Granulosa Cells with Exposure to Nanoparticles Jin Liu and Wenchang Zhang 6. In Vitro Approaches for Assessing the Genotoxicity of Nanomaterials Maria Dusinska, Espen Mariussen, Elise Rundén-Pran, Alexandra Misci, Hudecova, Elisabeth Elje, Alena Kazimirova, Naouale El Yamani, Nils Dommershausen, Julian Tharmann, Dagmar Fieblinger, Frank Herzberg, Andreas Luch, and Andrea Haase 7. Measurement of Nanoparticle Induced Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Alterations Salik Hussain 8. Application of Gelatin Zymography in Nanotoxicity Research Yue Zhang, Rong Wan, Qunwei Zhang, and Yiqun Mo 9. Determination of Phosphorylated Histone H2AX in Nanoparticle-Induced Genotoxic Studies Rong Wan, Yiqun Mo, Ruirui Tong, Meiqin Gao, and Qunwei Zhang 10. Analysis of Nanomaterial Toxicity by Western Blot Gao Long, Yiqun Mo, Qunwei Zhang, and Mizu Jiang 11. Quantification of Mitochondrial Genome Transcription in Male Reproductive Cells by Real-Time PCR Cheng Xu, Qian Liu, Jin Xu, and Aihua Gu 12. DNA Methylation Analysis Lingfang Feng and Jianlin Lou 13. Evaluation of Nrf2 with Exposure to Nanoparticles Fuli Zheng and Huangyuan Li 14. Application of Electron Microscopes in Nanotoxicity Assessment Junzhe Zhang, Xiao He, and Michael T. Tseng 15. Metabolic Fingerprinting of Bacteria Exposed to Nanomaterials, Using Online Databases, NMR, and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Theodoros G. Chatzimitakos and Constantine D. Stalikas 16. Methods to Quantify Nanomaterial Association with, and Distribution Across, the Blood-Brain Barrier In Vivo Robert A. Yokel 17. Evaluation of Genotoxicity of Nanoparticles in Mouse Models Sameera Nallanthighal and Ramune Reliene 18. Evaluation of Pulmonary Toxicity of Nanoparticles by Bronchoalveolar Lavage Yiqun Mo, Yue Zhang, and Qunwei Zhang 19. Pulmonary Function Testing in Animals Gary W. Hoyle, Connie F. Schlueter, and Sadiatu Musah 20. Nanotoxicity Assessment Using Embryonic Zebrafish Eduard Dumitrescu, Kenneth Wallace, and Silvana Andreescu 21. Application of Daphnia magna for Nanoecotoxicity Study Zhizhen Xu, Yingying Liu, and Yuqian Wang 22. The Overview of Methods of Nanoparticle Exposure Assessment Peng Zhao and Yuanbao Zhang

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