Cinema, MD: A History of Medicine on Screen

A History of Medicine On Screen
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Cinema, MD follows the intersection of medicine and film and how filmmakers wrote a history of medicine over time, analyzing not only changing practices, changing morals, and changing expectations but also medical stereotypes, medical activism, and violations of patients' integrity and autonomy. Examining over 400 films with medical themes over a century of cinema, this book establishes the cultural, medical, and historical importance of the art form.
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978-0-19-068579-9 (9780190685799)
Eelco Wijdicks is Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester Minnesota, and Associate Professor of the History of Medicine. He has written on film in Neurology, JAMA Neurology, Neurology Today, The Lancet Neurology and Mayo Clinic Proceedings. His book Neurocinema: When Film Meets Neurology was published in 2015.
Dr. Wijdicks has produced an incredibly wide ranging and thought-provoking analysis of the ways in which medicine and been used and abused on the silver screen since the dawn of cinema. From the rise and fall of the once God like surgeon, to cinematic treatments of death and dying, movies both inform and reflect contemporary thinking. With the careful selection of films to illustrate each chapter, Wijdicks provides a witty and fascinating insight into the ways in
which medicine has shaped society over the past 100 years." * Sallie Baxendale, PhD, FBPS, Consultant Neuropsychologist, Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy, Institute of Neurology, University College London, England
* Clearly a labor of love, Dr. Wijdicks' engaging study of the complex representations of medicine in the cinema both enlightens and entertains. Although doctors generally score well in polls of public trust, film directors do not always agree. This volume tackles the heroic doctor but also more sinister practitioners, including a powerful section on the Nazi period. It invites its readers to view films actively and offers the critical tools to undertake this
stimulating exercise." * William F. Bynum, PhD, FRCP, Author and Historian of Medicine and Science * How does medicine look through the lens of filmmakers? CINEMA, MD explores the many links between the art of film and the art of medicine in an entertaining and easy-to-grasp way. For an audience of millions, movies have strongly established optical and social images of doctors and diseases, emergencies and epidemics, magical interventions and malpractice. In 13 thematic chapters, this remarkable book reviews more than 400 carefully selected fiction films and
documentaries from the silent era up to the present. The reader can expect a unique, well documented and fascinating dialogue between a cinematic view of medical progress and historical interpretation of the healing art. In short: A must-have for health professionals and students interested in medical
humanities, media scholars and critics." * Axel Karenberg, MD, PhD, Professor at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Medical Ethics, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany *

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