Learning to Make a Difference: Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces

Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces
Cambridge University Press
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Today, more people want to know how to make a meaningful difference to what they care about. But for that, traditional approaches to learning often fall short. In this book, we offer a theoretical and practical way forward. We introduce the concept of social learning spaces for developing both new capabilities and a sense of agency. We provide a rich framework for focusing on the value of social learning spaces: how to generate this value, monitor it, and learn iteratively through the process. The book is a useful extension and refinement of 'communities of practice' for those familiar with the theory. For those who are not, the chapters will lay out a new way to approach learning. This volume is written to serve the needs of readers across fields, including researchers, educators, and leaders in business, government, healthcare, and international development.
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Etienne Wenger-Trayner is a social learning theorist and consultant. He is known for his seminal work on communities of practice, which has influenced both practice and theory across disciplines. One of the most cited authors in the social sciences, he is a visiting 'professorial fellow' at the University of Brighton, UK. Beverly Wenger-Trayner, still an activist at heart for equitable development, is a social learning theorist and consultant known for her work with international organizations. Her expertise encompasses cross-boundary processes, the use of new technologies, designing and facilitating social learning strategies, and coaching social learning leaders in complex situations.
Prologue: The Difference We Care to Make; Introduction: How to Read this Book; Part I. Foundation: Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces: Part I Section 1. Social Learning Spaces: 1. Social Learning Spaces; 2. What About Communities of Practice?; 3. Social Learning Spaces and Other Structures; Part I Section 2. Value Creation: Agency and Social Learning Modes: 4. The Perspective of Value Creation; 5. Agency and Social Learning Modes; Part II. Framework: Part II Section 1. Generating Value: Value-Creation Cycles: 6. Immediate and Potential; 7. Applied and Realized Value; 8. Enabling and Strategic Value; 9. Orienting and Transformative Value; Part II Section 2. Translating Value: Flows and Loops: 10. Flows into Learning Loops; 11. Flows into Other Social Learning Spaces; Part II Section 3. Framing: Aspirations and Uncertainties: 12. Framing Participation; 13. Framing Value Creation; 14. Conducting a Framing Event; Part II Section 4. Evaluating: Effect and Contribution:15. Effect Data: Deriving and Monitoring Indicators; 16. Contribution Data: Collecting Value-Creation Stories; 17. Consolidating and Integrating the Dataset; 18. The Art of Making Value Visible; Epilogue: An Ongoing Journey.

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