Nano-Plating (II): A Metallurgical Approach to Electrochemical Theory and Its Applications to Technology

A Metallurgical Approach to Electrochemical Theory and its Applications to Technology
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Nano Plating (II): A Metallurgical Approach to Electrochemical Theory and Its Applications to Technology is the result of the author's 50 years of research. The author reviews the vast experimental results of electrochemical phenomena in light of metallurgical knowledge and proposes theories that can give new insights in electrochemical thermodynamics and predict many phenomena in this field. The book complements Tohru Watanabe's previous book on nano-plating published by Elsevier in 2004.

- Covers new electrochemical theories related to plating, including electroplating and electroless plating
- Explains the mechanism of dissolution and corrosion of metals in aqueous solutions
- Explains the power generation mechanism of various batteries, such as acid batteries and alkaline batteries
- Written by an expert in the field who has five decades of experience in metal electrodeposition and its structural investigation
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978-0-12-821845-7 (9780128218457)
For many years, Tohru Watanabe worked in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Tokyo Metropolitan University. He is currently engaged in electrochemical engineering and technical consulting at the Watanabe Nano-Plating Laboratory. He organized the Nano plating Study Group and held 134 study sessions in 33 years and continues to do so. He is the author of Nano-Plating, published by Elsevier in 2004, and published many articles and several conference papers in international scientific journals, as well as several Japanese books.

Tohru Watanabe graduated from Shibaura Institute of Technology. Thereafter he became associate researcher with the Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University. In 1976 be obtained a doctoral degree in Engineering from Tokyo Metropolitan University. Then he was a visiting researcher at University of Sussex in the UK, a visiting professor at Beijing Chemical University, a lecturer at Shibaura Institute of Technology, and Chuo University, and a researcher at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Research Center.
1. Heat generation during electrochemical reactions 2. Plating 3. Metal corrosion 4. Battery 5. Chromate treatment

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