Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

How to Use Paid Advertising and Sales Funnels on Facebook & Instagram for Maximum Revenue Growth in 2020
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Do you want to develop a more worry-free and predictable sales process?
Have you played around with promoting your business on Social Media, but you don¿t see the desired results?
Or you just couldn¿t find the time to create exposure on Social Media and you¿re looking for a step-by-step formula?
Then keep reading...
As a small business owner, you¿re busy all day. You realize you need to put some time and effort into automating your sales funnel to have a more stable and predictable sales. You consider using Facebook or Instagram. But you don¿t have time to figure everything out on your own.
And you¿re budget doesn¿t allow you to hire an Ad Agency either.
If you¿re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to use these platforms ... and you want to automate your Sales Funnel for your business on a tight budget ... then you¿ve come to the right place.
Here¿s a tiny fraction of what you¿ll discover in ¿Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners¿:Use the ¿Viral-Fact-Checker¿ to increase your visibility on Facebook (page 176)
7 insights to naturally connect with your prospects, this will make your prospects ignore the competition and make you to go-to brand in your niche (page 75)
The Instagram Algorithm hacked for 2020, to get all the eyeballs pointed at your business (page 396)
The ¿Asian-Spy-Report¿ with in-depth details on how this, now very famous, Korean Fashion brand realized a 15x ROI with their Facebook Ads. (page 180)
What to use in 2020 on Instagram for highest visibility, photos, videos or stories? And these statistics might surprise you (page 390)
The ¿360 X-Ray Laser Guide¿ to generate a complete picture of your Customer¿s Journey, including pain points and roadblocks. This helps both offline and online on Facebook and Instagram (page 52)
Are you making this mistake in your Facebook videos? (page 282)
The ¿Insta-Mind-Reader¿, so you know exactly what to post and what to sell on Instagram. Get this wrong and your time, and your Instagram marketing efforts are wasted (page 316)
Use this psychological pricing strategy to maximize the revenue per customer: Implementing this can change your business forever (page 48)
The ¿9-Step-Launch-Control-Strategy¿ to ensure your Facebook Strategy performs like a rocket to the moon (page 155)
The ¿James Bond Technique¿ you can use to look inside your customer's mind and learn about their real issues, so you can understand and serve them better (page 25)
The ¿Robot-Sales-Generator¿ on how to automate the different parts of the Sales Funnel. This will save you time while increasing your profits (page 121)

No sales, marketing or technical background/experience? Don¿t worry, no need to go back to school. The step-by-step guides are written in plain English, and lead you through the process while telling you exactly what to do.
You might think: ¿Hey, but I don¿t have 1000s to spend on Marketing each month!¿. We¿ve got you covered. The online tips and tricks will fit every Small Business budget, no matter the size. You¿ll find some offline tips, which won¿t cost a dime ... and which you can use directly to increase your revenue.
So, if you¿re ready to increase the number of paying clients and profits for your business, scroll up and click ¿Add to Cart¿.
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