Comic Venus: Women and Comedy in American Silent Film

Women and Comedy in American Silent Film
Wayne State University Press
erschienen am 30. Oktober 2017
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978-0-8143-4102-5 (ISBN)
Examines the social and historical significance of women's contributions to American silent film comedy.For many people the term "silent comedy" conjures up images of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp, Buster Keaton's Stoneface, or Harold Lloyd hanging precariously from the side of a skyscraper. Even people who have never seen a silent film can recognize these comedians at a glance. But what about the female comedians? Gale Henry, Louise Fazenda, Constance Talmadge-these and numerous others were wildly popular during the silent film era, appearing in countless motion pictures and earning top salaries, and yet, their names have been almost entirely forgotten. As a consequence, recovering their history is all the more compelling given that they laid the foundation for generations of funny women, from Lucille Ball to Tina Fey. These women constitute an essential and neglected sector of film history, reflecting a turning point in women's social and political history. Their talent and brave spirit continues to be felt today, and Comic Venus: Women and Comedy in American Silent Film seeks to provide a better understanding of women's experiences in the early twentieth century, and an appreciation of the unruly and boundary-breaking women who have followed.Kristen Anderson Wagner begins with the question of why historically women weren't seen as funny in the public and male eye, a question that persists even today. Wagner delves into the idea of women's "delicate sensibilities," which presumably prevented them from being funny, and traces ideas about feminine beauty and what a woman should express versus what these comedic women did express. Comic Venus brings readers to understand comediennes and their impact on silent-era cinema, as well as their lasting influence on later generations of funny women.
Contemporary Approaches to Fil
Detroit, MI | USA
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Kristen Anderson Wagner has written extensively on silent comedy. She teaches film studies in Northern California.

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