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Social Action in Group Work

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One of the most effective ways of dealing with social problems is getting rid of the cause of the problem, not just finding a remedy for the result. Social Action in Group Work provides a useful overview of the history, philosophy, theory, and practice of social group work and action in the promotion of societal change. It shows practitioners how to use their skills effectively to achieve social change. This helpful book incorporates ideas developed in social movements, identifies their contributions to social group work practice, and illustrates effective practice in case experience with specific examples. It provides a much-needed understanding of the need for and process of social action, along with new ideas for theory building, teaching, and practice in group work. Numerous case examples from a variety of different settings become models that will be extremely useful for social work students, educators, professionals, and those who work directly with groups.This invigorating book is divided into three sections, each with a unique focus, and tied together by overlapping concepts, theories, and models. The first section, Ideas of Social Action, examines the history of social action in group work and proposes an integrated global framework for social work organization, education and practice. Advocacy and Empowerment, the middle section, is replete with case examples. The third section, Principles and Practice, explores the application of social group work in a variety of situations, including inter-ethnic conflict and a group of homeless men and women. Together, the sections make a strong stand for a more sensitive, empowerment oriented practice and for more advocacy by the worker and group. Everyone involved or interested in the process of social change through social action with groups will find Social Action in Group Work a wealth of practical information.
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I. Ideas of Social Action
Social Action, The Group and Society Social Change and Citizen Action: A Philosophical Exploration for Modern Social Group Work
Social Action, Empowerment and Social Work--An Integrative Theoretical Framework for Social Work and Social Work With Groups
Advocacy and Social Action: Key Elements in the Structural Approach to Direct Practice in Social Work
Barriers to Effective Social Action by Groups
II. Advocacy and Empowerment
The Critical Role of Social Action in Empowerment Oriented Groups
Reflections on Social Action Practice in France
Some Aspects of Empowerment: A Case Study of Work With Disadvantaged Youth
Empowerment Through Social Action Group Work: The "Self-Directed" Approach
The Role of Structure in Effective Agency Advocacy
III. Principles and Practice
Mobilizing Women's Strengths for Social Change: The Group Connection
The Use of the Group and Group Work Techniques in Resolving Inter-Ethnic Conflict
Action and Reflection in Work With a Group of Homeless People
The Relevance of Stages of Group Development Theory to Community Organization Practice