From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology: Overcoming Critical Infrastructure and Organizational Dynamics in Education

Overcoming Critical Infrastructure and Organizational Dynamics in Education
Rowman & Littlefield Education (Verlag)
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Tools such as Blackboard and Google Classroom have seen wide-scale adoption and standardized implementation in colleges and universities. So why is K-12 a step behind? This book will not only answer this question, but it will provide the solution. This is a roadmap that will allow you (yes, you) to become the champion of advanced curriculum development for your school / district and achieve the promise of technology in the classroom.
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978-1-4758-4893-9 (9781475848939)
Darryl Vidal holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and a Master's degree in Education Technology and has been consulting for K-12 school technology programs for over 20 years. He has been responsible for planning long-range technology programs for schools of over $2 billion and holds the registered trademark for authoring the MAPIT(R) Strategic Planning and Project Management methodology.
Darryl's new book is one to read and ponder. The thesis is that now is the time to have educational technology make a real difference. Too long we have seen any form of technology used in a classroom and we believe teaching and learning have improved just because we have used technology. We have had enough talk about Chromebooks, Google Docs, bits, fiber, 1:1 and VM Ware. It is time to make some substantial change in teaching and learning and not just use technology. Too often we assume teaching and learning has changed when all we have done is exchange a cheap pencil for expensive technology. We continue to play in the sandbox when we should be reaching for the stars. Darryl's book provides a pathway for school districts to take this job seriously.--Bill Olien, Deputy Superintendent, Murrieta Valley Unified School District Darryl's latest book From Dysfunction to Innovation takes us from implementing an IT infrastructure to the best way to provide instruction. Darryl Vidal provides action steps to leverage technology capabilities. He looks at using Bloom's Taxonomy, the 6Cs and CCSS to develop in-house curriculum which utilizes technology to the fullest. Taking districts to Tier Four Curriculum (T4c).--Cheryl Plotkin, Interim Assistant Superintendent Business Services, El Rancho Unified School District Once again, Darryl uses his gift of "outsight" to view educational issues in a completely unique way. Darryl has the ability to be aware of outside forces that manipulate the time and energy of all educators and uses this awareness to help us understand with an openness that is simply refreshing. Innovation requires outsight and Darryl has piqued our interest with a new instructional delivery method that simplifies the learning process for students who demand personalization.--Jeffrey Felix, Education Consultant Darryl Vidal gives us a true roadmap inclusive of both the critical infrastructure and also the organizational dynamics of transitioning school districts to the digital age. Managing district change at this scale requires all departments and stakeholders to find common ground and common language for moving the work forward. Darryl also tackles the most important factors in Ed Tech Innovations as they relate to teaching and learning. Curriculum development and the end users involved get a front seat in this thoughtful work. This book is a must have for district leaders in any phase of technology integration.--David Miyashiro, EdD, Superintendent, Cajon Valley Union School District For any school or district leader that really wants to transform their educational system, From Dysfunction to Innovation in Technology: Overcoming Critical Infrastructure and Organizational Dynamics in Education is a must read. It has the value proposition you need to create the momentum but more importantly, the book is full of step by step guides and implementation strategies that move transformation from theory to real practice!--Jaime Casap, Education Evangelist, Google

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