Highly Sensitive Empaths

The Complete Survival Guide to Self-Discovery, Protection from Narcissists and Energy Vampires, and Developing the Empath Gift
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Have you always felt "different?" Do you sometimes struggle to "fit in?" Do you crave solitude? If so, then keep reading…. I am assuming you either: a) know you are an Empath, or b) are curious about whether you are an Empath. Either way, this book is the perfect read for you written by an Empath. "Highly Sensitive Empaths" is designed to give you a stronger understanding on what it means to be an Empath, how it has likely impacted you throughout your life, and how you can protect yourself and care for yourself so that you can nurture and master this incredible gift. Since there is a chance that you may be wondering if you are in fact an Empath or not, let's start out with a basic checklist to help you decide "yes or no." If you determine yes to most, then you know this book is exactly what you have been looking for. Here is your basic checklist. Mark off any statement that accurately reflects you. You will find a more in-depth checklist inside the book.
  • "I am prone to experiencing bouts of anxiety and depression."
  • "Crowded places tend to make me feel overwhelmed."
  • "I am passionate about helping other people."
  • "As a child, I was sensitive to the emotions of others. Especially figures of authority."
  • "I often feel drained after hanging out with certain people for too long."
  • "My mood seems to change for no reason."
  • "I can often feel what others are feeling as though it is happening to me personally."
  • "I tend to be introverted, even though I may like spending time with other people."
  • "Solitude is where I feel most connected and clear so that I can enjoy myself."
  • "My nerves can be overwhelmed from hearing too many sounds or smell to many smells."
  • "I have a hard time falling asleep, sometimes I even procrastinate going to bed."
  • "Sometimes I can feel the presence of beings who are not actually there."
  • "Bright lights and bad smells can shift my mood and make me deeply uncomfortable."
  • "I have a deep love for nature."
These bullet points are to give you a basic understanding of what Empaths can experience. If you are still not 100% sure yet, do not worry, we will be taking a deeper look into the Empath traits inside. Throughout the pages in this book, you are going to learn about:
  • The detailed traits of an Empath
  • A scientific and shamanic explanation of an Empath
  • Purpose and gift of the Empath
  • Empath Archetypes
  • Empath Self-Assessment<
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