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Camouflage of Fixed Installations

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This manual, originally published in 1958, covers methods of camouflaging fixed installations such as airfields, supply facilities, transportation facilities, buildings, and other objects and installations of a permanent or semipermanent nature. The material presented herein is applicable to nuclear and non-nuclear warfare. The basic principles of camouflage, factors of recognition, construction methods, and the geographic factors effecting camouflage are applicable to the camouflage of fixed installations, the primary difference being larger and more detailed camouflage construction of a more permanent nature. Terms used in this manual are general. For example, the camouflage of buildings is described in general terms to include all types of buildings regardless of their use or purpose, because the use or function of the installation being camouflaged has only an indirect bearing on the type of camouflage except where a specific problem is presented. When planning camouflage for a specific building the activity occupying the building will, in many instances, dictate changes in the application of camouflage. In the same way the surrounding terrain will have a direct bearing on the type of camouflage used. The camouflage of areas, concentration of activities, and emplacements for active defense are also described in general terms. Consequently it will be necessary for the camouflage planner to assemble the necessary information from this text to guide him in the designing of camouflage for a specific combination of buildings, areas, or emplacements. CONTENTS: Large Scale Camouflage Planning Introduction Camouflage Planning Camouflage Operations Camouflage Methods and Construction Methods Rear Area Installations Maintenance Index
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