Aristotle's Meteorologica: Meteorology Then and Now

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Aristotle's concentrates on the meteorological aspects of Aristotle's work published as Meteorologica ( or Meteorology) books A-D, and on how they compare now with our understanding of meteorology and climate change. In other words, how well did Aristotle fair when he tried to explain weather 2,300 years ago when there was only logic, eye observation, and past experience, with only primitive instrumentation and a few personalized measurements? While there are scientific issues behind Aristotle's writings, this book is written for the non-specialist. The book uses simple examples to present its case, which will be easily followed by general readers.
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978-1-78969-637-0 (9781789696370)

Anastasios Tsonis is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and an Adjunct Research Scientist at the Hydrologic Research Center in San Diego, CA. ;

Christos Zerefos is Head of the Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology, Academy of Athens, Professor of Atmospheric Physics at the Universities of Athens and Thessaloniki, and Visiting Professor at the Universities of Boston, Minnesota and Oslo.
Prolegomena ;

Introduction: about Aristotle ;

His life ;

His works ;


Aristotle's universe with a glimpse on climate change ;

Meteorology now, part 1 ;

Analogies and contrasts ;

Key points of meteorology now, part 1 ;

Back to Aristotle's Meteorologica ;

Meteorology now, part 2 ;

Key points of meteorology now, part 2 ;

Analogies and contrasts ;

Back to Aristotle's Meteorologica ;


On winds ;

Stormy weather ;

Meteorology now, part 3 ;

Key points of meteorology now, part 3 ;

Back to Aristotle's Meteorologica ;


Aristotle's optics
Preparatory introduction ;

Aristotle's general theory of colour ;

The halo ;

Rainbow ;

Sun dogs and light pillars ;

Aurora Borealis ;


Aristotle's notion on thermodynamic equilibrium ;

Concluding remarks ;

Appendix I: Aristotle's poem 'Ode to Virtue' ;

Appendix II: Aristotle on climate change

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