Traffic and Transport 2030 - Visions, Concepts, Technologies

Proceedings on International Workshop and Congress; 27th to 29th February 2008; Darmstadt
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Workshop and Congress Traffic and Transport 2030,
Manfred Boltze;

Integrated Traffic and Transport Systems at TU Darmstadt,
Wolfgang Kittler;

Framework Conditions for Mobility and Traffic in Global Perspective,
Horst Geschka, Walter Hell;

New Cars with Higher Safety and More Efficient Fuel Consumption,
Matti Juhala, Steven Shladover, Hermann Winner, Gabriele Wolf;

Traffic Management - The Key to More Efficiency in Road Traffic,
Manfred Boltze, Martin Fellendorf, Masao Kuwahara, Axel Wolfermann;

Transport Planning and Intermodality - Established Methods and New Challenges,
Hitoshi Ieda, Hans-Georg Retzko, Gerd Sammer, Heiko Jentsch;

Air Traffic 2030 - Challenges and Trends,
R. John Hansman, John Lewis, Uwe Klingauf, Mark Azzam;

Public Transport - Mobility in Future for Everybody,
Uwe Köhler, Jörg Lunkenheimer, Peter Stöveken, Markus Hammrich;

Market Rules - A Chance for Rail Transport,
Ingo Hansen, Hans-Joachim Hollborn, Klaus Rießberger, Markus Apell;

Intelligent Logistics - More Sustainable Freight Traffic,
Michael Browne, Hans-Christian Pfohl, Wolfgang Stölzle, André Lortz;

Spotlight: Traffic Management in Japan, Hideki Nakamura;

Spotlight: The Development of Traffic Engineering in China,
Keping Li, Ying Ni

Spotlight: Public Transport in India, Bhargab Maitra, Santanu Ghosh;

Country Report: Germany, Horst Geschka, Heiko Hahnenwald;

Country Report: Transport Sector in Vietnam: Current Issues and Future Agenda, Khuat Viet Hung;

Country Report on Eastern European Countries - Perspectives for Transport Infrastructure Development till 2030,
Michael Schwarz;

Country Report: USA, Janusz C. Supernak;

Country Report: India, Thamizh Arasan;

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