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Essential Criminal Law and Criminal Practice for SQE1

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Essential Criminal Law and Criminal Practice for SQE1 explains the key principles of criminal law, criminal practice and ethics in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow style. Principles are introduced and illustrated with reference to practical examples. It is split into three parts: 1) the criminal laws 2) criminal practice and 3) useful/illustrative cases which have established or illustrated an important part of the criminal law.

The book provides a clear and structured approach with opportunities to apply the relevant principles to the law. It also includes a range of interactive features, including:

* Revision points: Each chapter concludes with a concise list of key revision points.

* Key Terms to progressively build and consolidate your understanding.

* Multiple Choice Questions: Each section of the book provides multiple choice questions following the SQE1 question format (with answers to enable you to test your knowledge). Further multiple choice questions and answers are also provided on the companion website.

Part of a series of books aimed at those who are preparing for SQE1, this concise and accessible text provides a clear understanding of the Criminal Law and Criminal Practice elements of SQE1, including the standard of ethical and professional conduct that you will need to adhere to as a solicitor, and enables you to test your assessment skills
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James Thornton is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Law School. He has taught criminal law, and led research projects on criminal legal practice, for many years.

Amanda Parker is a Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Law School with over 29 years of experience working as a criminal defence advocate and as duty solicitor. She currently teaches both undergraduate level and professional courses, including SQE.

Orla Slattery is a Lecturer in Law at Nottingham Law School. She currently teaches Criminal Law and Practice at both undergraduate level and on the professional courses.
1. Introduction 2. Defining and understanding criminal offences: actus reus and mens rea 3. Criminal Damage 4. Theft Offences 5. Fraud Offences 6. Secondary Parties/Accessories 7. Non-fatal Offences Against the Person 8. Homicide 9. Inchoate (Attempted) Offences 10. General Defences 11. Advising Clients at the Police Station 12. Bail applications 13. First hearings before the magistrates' court, funding, and case management in the magistrates' court and the Crown Court 14. Principles & Procedures to Admit and Exclude Evidence 15. Trial procedure in the magistrates' court and the Crown Court 16. Sentencing 17. Appeals procedure 18. Youth Court Procedure and Sentencing 19. Caselaw 20. Answers to Multiple Choice Questions