Eliza Lowe and the Founding of Woodard Girls' Schools

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By the mid-second century Christian writers were engaging in debates with educated audiences from non-Jewish Graeco-Roman cultural backgrounds. A remarkable feature of some of the texts from this period is how extensively they refer to the Jewish scriptures, even though those scriptures were unfamiliar to non-Jewish Graeco-Romans. In Worshipping a Crucified Man, Jeremy Hudson explores for the first time why this should have been so by examining three works by Christian converts originally educated in Graeco-Roman traditions: Justin Martyr's First Apology, Tatian's Oratio and Theophilus of Antioch's Ad Autolycum. Hudson considers their literary strategies, their use of quotations and allusions and how they present the Jewish scriptures; all against the background of the Graeco-Roman literary culture familiar to both authors and audiences. The scriptures are presented as a critically defining feature of Christianity, instrumental in shaping the way the new religion presented itself, as it strove to engage with, and challenge, the cultural traditions of the Graeco-Roman world.
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Penny Thompson is a retired teacher living in north Liverpool. She taught Religious Education in comprehensive schools in Sefton for many years. She is the author of Whatever Happened to Religious Education, published by Lutterworth in 2004. She has been involved with 3 other books on RE, most recently with Marius Felderhof with whom she co-edited Teaching Virtue, Bloomsbury, 2014. She was a pupil of the School of S. Mary and S. Anne from 1959-1966 and is a Circle Secretary of the Guild. She is married and their daughter Ursula attended the school between 1990 and 1997.
Chapter 1 - Early Life
Chapter 2 - Eliza's school in Seaforth
Chapter 3 - The Lucy Landor Papers
Chapter 4 - Mayfield in Southgate
Chapter 5 - Alice Rathbone and Eva Muller
Chapter 6 - The Influence of Eliza Lowe upon the founding of Woodard Girls' Schools
Appendix - Emily Landor Lowe, Mayfield after Eliza and St. Winifred's

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