Stress Concentrations in Laminated Composites

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From the Author's Preface

The objective of this book is to provide a thorough and systematic study of the problem of laminated composites containing stress concentrations. Stress concentrations are introduced in laminated plates in the forms of circular holes, elliptical openings and straight cracks. These forms of cutouts have many practical applications, and are familiar to most engineers. Stress concentrations exist in all known structural components. Stress concentrations have great practical importance because they are normally the cause of failure.
In addition to stress analyses of laminated composites, we need more fundamental understanding of the failure mode, the failure criterion, the effects on global laminate response, and the design of composites in the presence of stress concentrations.
In this book, all the subjects studied are closely related to the problem of stress concentrations in laminated composites. All the models are verified with many experimental results. The underlying objective of this comprehensive study is to give the readers an in-depth and thorough understanding of the problem of stress concentrations in composites.
This book is the first to address the problem of laminated composites containing stress concentrations in a systematic way.
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Each chapter ends with a Discussion and Conclusion section and a References section.

I. Background

1. Introduction to Composite Materials
Introduction - Classifications - Properties - Problems of Stress Concentration - Current Applications - Stress-Strain Relations - Laminated Plate Theory

2. Test Methods
Introduction - Tension Tests - Compression Tests - Shear Tests - Tests of Open Hole Specimens - Methods for Damage Detection

3. Failure Criteria
Introduction - Guidelines - Classical Failure Criteria - Discussions - New Failure Criteria - Failure Criteria in the Presence of Stress Gradient - Appendix: Transformation of Principal Stresses

II. Finite-Width Solutions

4. Finite-Width Correction Factor for Anisotropic Plate
Introduction - Fundamental Theory - Improved Theory - Experimental and Numerical Comparisons - Anisotropic Plate with an Elliptical Opening

5. Strain and Stress Concentrations
Introduction - Stresses and Displacement Fields - Definition of Stress and Strain Concentration Factors - Anisotropic Plate with Circular Hole - Correction Factor for Finite-Width - Experimental Procedure - Experimental Results - SCF( and SCF( for Damaged Laminates - Appendix: Parametric Studies

III. Laminate Failure Models (Analytical)

6. Approximate Stress Analyses and Stress Failure Models
Introduction - Stress Analysis - Numerical Examples and Comparisons - Stress Failure Models - Applications

7. Experiment and Modified Failure Models
Introduction - Experiment for Tensile Tests - Results for Data Reduction - Prediction for Modified Models - Results of the Modified Models

IV. Lamina Failure Models (Analytical)

8. Point Strength and Minimum Strength Models
Introduction - Stress Analysis - Strength Models - Crack Simulation - Experimental Observation - Predictions and Comparisons - Characteristic Length as a Function of Opening Construction

9. Lamina-Based Fiber Failure Criteria and Effective Stress Failure Models
Introduction - Fracture Models - Unnotched Ultimate Strength - Results for Laminates with an Elliptical Opening - Baseline Characteristic Length - Comparison of Compression with Tension - Fracture Toughness

10. Notched Strength of Thermoplastic Composites
Introduction - Strength Models - Finite-Width Correction Factor - Experimental Investigation - Comparison of Data - Results

11. Shear Loading of Composites Containing an Opening
Introduction - Stress Analysis - Minimum Strength Model - Examples of Stress Distribution - Experimental Program - Comparisons

12. Multiaxial Loading of Multidirectional Laminates
Introduction - Stress Distribution - Failure Criteria, Mechanisms and Models - Unnotched Ultimate Strength - Uniaxial Loading of Laminates with a Slanted Crack - Fracture Under Multiaxial Loading

13. Mixed-Mode Fracture of Unidirectional and Off-Axis Laminates
Tensile Loading - Introduction - Stress Analysis - Complex Roots - Failure Models - Finite-Width Correction Factors - Experiment and Results - Correlation of Theory with Experiment

14. Mixed-Mode Fracture of Unidirectional and Off-Axis Laminates
Compressive Loading - Introduction - Strength Analysis - Strength Models - Finite-Width Correction Factors - Experimental - Discussion and Conclusion

15. Correlation of Damage Mechanisms and Characteristic Lengths
Introduction - Theoretical Background - Experimental Procedures - Results and Discussion - Comparison of Ultimate Strength

Progressive Failure Models (Numerical)

16. A Progressive Failure Model for Laminates with Cutouts
Introduction - Finite Element Analysis - Damaged Lamina Formulation - Failure Criteria - Computation Procedures - Parametric Studies - Comparison with Experiment

17. Damage Accumulation, and Accumulation due to Compressive Loading
Introduction - Formulation of the Damage Problem - Finite Element Analysis - Damaged Lamina Formulation - Failure

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