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Sensory Motor Concepts in Language and Cognition

Liane Ströbel(Herausgeber*in)
Düsseldorf University Press DUP
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The series 'Proceedings in Language and Cognition' explores issues of mental representation, linguistic structure and representation, and their interplay. The research presented in this series is grounded in the idea explored in the Collaborative Research Center 'The structure of representations in language, cognition and science' (SFB 991) that there is a universal format for the representation of linguistic and cognitive concepts.

Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction: Sensory Motor Concepts - at the Crossroad between Language & Cognition -- SENSORY-MOTOR CONCEPTS AND LANGUAGE -- Experimental and Corpus Studies on Embodied Metaphoric Meaning -- Inferential Communication in the Embodied Language Paradigm -- Traces of Embodiment in Chinese Character Formation A Frame Approach to the Interaction of Writing, Speaking, and Meaning -- Motion and Emotion. The application of sensory-motor concepts to the representation of emotion in literature -- THE DIVERSITY OF SENSORY-MOTOR CONCEPTS AND ITS IMPLICATIONS -- Sensory-Motor Concepts and Metaphor in Usage -- Dynamics in the Brain and Dynamic Frame Theory for Action Verbs -- The place of Place (according to spatial case) -- Force Change Schemas and Excessive Actions: How High-Level Cognitive Operations Constrain Aspect in Idiomatic Constructions -- SENSORY-MOTOR CONCEPTS AND PERCEPTION -- The Sensory Nature of Knowledge -- Towards Grounding Compositional Concept Structures in Self-organizing Neural Encodings -- Grounding Cognition: The Role of Language in Thinking -- Postface