Optical Compressive Imaging

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This dedicated overview of optical compressive imaging addresses implementation aspects of the revolutionary theory of compressive sensing (CS) in the field of optical imaging and sensing. It overviews the technological opportunities and challenges involved in optical design and implementation, from basic theory to optical architectures and systems for compressive imaging in various spectral regimes, spectral and hyperspectral imaging, polarimetric sensing, three-dimensional imaging, super-resolution imaging, lens-free, on-chip microscopy, and phase sensing and retrieval. The reader will gain a complete introduction to theory, experiment, and practical use for reducing hardware, shortening image scanning time, and improving image resolution as well as other performance parameters. Optics practitioners and optical system designers, electrical and optical engineers, mathematicians, and signal processing professionals will all find the book a unique trove of information and practical guidance.
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978-0-367-78268-9 (9780367782689)
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Adrian Stern
I. The theory of compressive sensing and its applications in optics. Introduction to compressive sensing theory. Compressive sensing theory for optical systems described by a continuous model. Multi-channel data acquisition optics design for compressive sensing.Special challenges in application of CS for optical imaging and sensing II. Compressive imaging systems.Optical architectures for compressive imaging. Terahertz imaging with compressed sensing. Infrared imaging with compressed sensing. Motion compressive sensing. III. Compressive holography and compressive 3D imaging. Compressive holography. Performance analysis of Compressive Holography. Incoherent Compressive Holography. Compressive Integral Imaging. Compressive light-field sensing. IV. Spectral, hyperspectral imaging, and polarimetric compressive sensing systems. Compressive coded aperture spectral imaging. Compressive spectral and hyperspectral sensing with layered devices. Compressive polarimetric sensing. V. Seeing fine details with compressive sensing: microscopy and super-resolution. Super-resolution of sparse images using coherent and incoherent light. Compressive fluorescents microscopy. STORM using compressed sensing. CS methods for lens-free, on-chip microscopy. VI. Phase sensing, phase retrieval and phase tomography. Phase space tomography. Phase retrieval of sparse images.

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