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The Horse in Positive Tension

Harnessing Equine Kinetic Energy for Top Performance
Stefan Stammer(Autor*in)
FN Verlag
Erschienen im Juni 2023
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978-3-88542-678-3 (ISBN)
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Did you know that traditional ways of teaching rider position and horse movement do not actually work with the biomechanical system that is horse and rider?
In an illustrated study of horse-and-rider movement like no other, physical therapist and equine movement specialist Stefan Stammer helps riders better understand the principles of energy and motion happening within the horse. By forming new mental images for the rider, Stammers's goal ist to profoundly impact the rider's daily work with her horse so that it is harder for her to make common mistakes or interfere with the horse's natural mechanismus. With correct support oft he cycle of kinetic energy within the horse, the outer shape of horse and rider together achieve what is called "positive tension" - the rhythmic stimalation of all the neuromuscular functions necessary to perform
harmoniously and at peak ability.
1. Auflage 2023
With a lot of illustrations by Jeanne Kloepfer
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978-3-88542-678-3 (9783885426783)
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