The Cambridge Companion to Legal Positivism

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978-1-108-42767-8 (9781108427678)
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Torben Spaak is Professor of Jurisprudence, Department of Law, Stockholm University. Patricia Mindus is Professor in Practical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University.
1. Introduction Torben Spaak and Patricia Mindus; Part I. Fundamentals: 2. Positivism, Realism, and Sources of Law Leslie Green; 3. Normative Legal Positivism Frederick Schauer; 4. Legal Positivism as a Realist Theory of Law Brian Leiter; Part II. History: 5. The German Tradition of Legal Positivism Stephan Kirste; 6. The French Tradition of Legal Positivism Michel Troper; 7. The Italian Tradition of Legal Positivism Ricardo Guastini; 8. The British Tradition of Legal Positivism Gerald J. Postema; Part III. Central Figures: 9. Jeremy Bentham and the Origins of Legal Positivism Philip Schofield; 10. John Austin Michael Lobban; 11. The Normative Power of the Factual - Georg Jellinek's Phenomenological Theory of Reflective Legal Positivism Jens Kersten; 12. Hans Kelsen's Non-Reductive Positivism Michael S. Green; 13. The Legal Positivism of H. L. A. Hart Matthew Kramer; 14. From Savigny to Linguistic Analysis: Legal Positivism through Bobbio's Eyes Pierluigi Chiassoni; 15. Joseph Raz's Approach to Legal Positivism Brian Bix; 16. Bulygin's Analytical Legal Positivism Maria Cristina Redondo; Part IV. Main Tenets: 17. Social-Practice Legal Positivism and the Normativity Thesis Stefano Bertea; 18. Social Facts and Legal Facts: Perils of Hume's Guillotine Tomasz Gizbert-Studnicki; 19. The Scope of Legal Positivism: Validity and Interpretation? Torben Spaak; 20. What Is Law and What Counts as Law? The Separation Thesis in Context Andrei Marmor; 21. The Origins of Inclusive Legal Positivism W. J. Waluchow; 22. Disruptive Implications of Legal Positivism's Social Efficacy Thesis Brian Z. Tamanaha; 23. The Semantic Thesis in Legal Positivism Michael S. Green; Part V. Normativity and Values: 24. Legal Positivism and Metaethics Kevin Toh; 25. The Normativity of Law Brian Bix; 26. An Italian Path to Legal Positivism: Ferrajoli's Garantismo J.J. Moreso; Part VI. Critique: 27. Gustav Radbruch's Critique of Legal Positivism Martin Borowski; 28. Good Order and Workable Arrangements: Lon Fuller's Critique of Legal Positivism Kenneth Winston; 29. Dworkin's Criticism of Hart's Positivism Dennis Patterson; 30. Tracing Finnis's Criticism of Hart's Internal Point of View: Instability and the 'Point' of Human Action in Law Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco; 31. Alexy's Critique of Legal Positivism Jan Sieckmann; 32. Mark Greenberg on Legal Positivism Barbara Levenbook; 33. Positivism and Totalitarianism David Dyzenhaus.

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