The Teachings of Denver C. Snuffer Jr. Volume 2

40 Years in Mormonism 2013-2014: Reader's Edition Hardback, 6 x 9 in.
Restoration Archive (Verlag)
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Starting on the date of my excommunication from the LDS Church, and to commemorate forty years as a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, beginning on September 10, 2013, and ending 365 days later on September 9, 2014 I gave a series of ten lectures. These lectures were transcribed and edited, and footnotes were added, to create the transcripts contained in this volume.
It was apparent to me that what Joseph Smith began, and what remained of Joseph's work in 2013, were not the same. Despite praying for the Lord to do something to stop the erosion of the faith, things only deteriorated further. At length the Lord instructed me to do something about it. I was sent by the Lord to preach the restoration so others would also have things brought to their remembrance. The ten talks were done to fulfill that calling from the Lord.
The first nine talks were revealed to me in outline form before the first talk in Boise, Idaho was given. But the final talk remained a mystery to me. No matter how much I inquired about what the final talk should include, no answer was given and no direction was furnished. After giving the ninth talk in St. George, Utah on July 26, 2014, that night the content of the final talk was revealed. When I learned the content I believed it would be offensive and rejected by almost all who came to hear it, and I asked repeatedly for the Lord to change the message. Even when flying to the venue in Phoenix, I prayed en route that the talk could be changed.
Just because I deliver a message it does not mean I want to deliver it. A person could read or hear everything I have made public and still have little understanding of who I am. I have referred to myself as a "servant" and very much feel that is my only role. I am subordinate to someone else who deserves the credit for anything good I have declared.
A great deal remains to be done before the Restoration can be completed, but first we must remember what we were given through Joseph Smith. The talks and book were intended to be a vital first step in restating the Restoration. Since the conclusion of the talks in 2014 a great deal more has been done. Just as the main trunk of Mormonism (the LDS church) has been devolving, so has the effort of recovery been evolving. There are many scattered fellowships of believers who now practice a more authentic, more original form of Mormonism than existed in 2014. Mormonism has indeed begun a new phase.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Relevant themes and topics covered in this book series include: Christian faith, theology and evangelism found in various bibles; sermons on Christology, fundamentalism and the mission and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, Elijah and Moses; living a gospel centered religion, spirituality, eschatology, temple worship, the roles of men and women in various denominations and sects including the latter day saints church; religious education, studies and literature; how God and Mary fit into LDS Mormon Christianity; spiritual gifts, commandments and being saved by faith in Christ.
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