Shut Up And Focus

19 Highly Effective Time Management Habits For Entrepreneurs
Adesh Silva (Verlag)
  • erschienen am 6. November 2019
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978-1-9992567-7-7 (ISBN)
How to get a grip of your life when E-mails piling up, plans getting moved around and everything is on your shoulders…

So you have started your own business, but it feels like you have the whole world to manage?

Do you start your day stressed thinking about the mountain of e-mails you will have to respond to immediately?

Have you been late to - or even missed - important events with your close ones because you juggled too much at work?

Everyone has those problems after diving into entrepreneurship. They come from improper time management - an issue even Elon Musk has trouble with!

Could there be an easy guide that will help you set your priorities, relieve the copious amount of stress you face and let you achieve that perfect work-life balance we all seek? There is!

You won't believe it, but it's simpler than you think.

By adopting 19 miraculous habits into your life, you will be able to achieve the success and productivity you have been dreaming about.

Boost your business, health and personal life into whole new levels with little effort for maximum results.

It all comes down to proper time management. Don't worry - it's not a talent, it's a skill that you too can learn. Make it as easy as breathing, and start noticing the improvement immediately.

Thanks to "Shut Up and Focus", you will discover:

  • 5 crucial steps to knock out the biggest enemy of productivity
  • How 3 minutes of doing that one thing every day can revolutionize the way you work
  • 11 tasks you don't have to do yourself
  • How a single word - feared by most - can help you every day
  • 6 time-wasting traps you probably fall for way too often
  • 3 tips for starting your day like the most successful business people of the world
  • How giving up just one thing can make your productivity skyrocket
  • How to tidy up - and not just your desk

And much more.

Start using your resources efficiently to reap maximum benefits from every minute of your work. You too can stop worrying about wasted time - and money.

In one minute, McDonald's sells 4,500 burgers, and over 9,700 Uber rides are booked. Your time is just as precious - you only have 1440 minutes in a day. Can you really afford to waste any?

Proper time management is easier than you think - and yet, very few people know how to do it right. You can join this exclusive group and be the most productive, happy version of yourself, and the owner of an exceptional business. Don't leave money on the table.

Stop choosing what has to suffer - your business or your family. Click "Add to cart" and become the champion of productivity and balance.
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