Accident At Three Mile Island

the Human Dimensions
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This book provides a comprehensive bibliography of published and unpublished social science research on the accident at Three Mile Island and its aftermath. It is an essential source for researchers investigating this critical event in the history of nuclear energy.
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1. Introduction Part 1: Public Perceptions of Nuclear Energy 2. Psychological Aspects of Risk Perception 3. Public Response to a Major Failure of a Controversial Technology 4. Institutional Responses to Different Perceptions of Risk Part 2: Local Responses to Nuclear Plants 5. Reactions of Local Residents to the Accident at Three Mile Island 6. Report of the Task Group on Behavioral Effects 7. Community Attitudes Toward Nuclear Plants 8. Emergence of Community Doubts at Plymouth, Massachusetts Part 3: Institutional Responsibilities for Nuclear Energy 9. Social Aspects of Nuclear Regulation 10. Who Should Be Responsible for Public Safety? 11. The Accident at Three Mile Island: The Contribution of the Social Sciences to the Evaluation of Emergency Preparedness and Response 12. The Public's Right to Know: The Accident at Three Mile Island 13. The Role of the Expert at Three Mile Island Part 4: The Interaction of Social and Technical Systems 14. Human Factors in the Design and Operation of Reactor Safety Systems 15. The Human Equation in Operating a Nuclear-Power Plant 16. The President's Commission and the Normal Accident 17. On the Design and Management of Nearly Error-Free Organizational Control Systems Part 5: Implications for Public Policy 18. The President's Commission: Its Analysis of the Human Equation 19. Some Lessons Learned

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