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Psychiatry in Court

Peter Shea(Autor*in)
Federation Press
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The role of the psychiatrist in the court is on the increase. In this book, the author's main concern is twofold. The court has to be capable of understanding: exactly what it is that the psychiatrist is trying to tell the court about the accused the limitations of the language and the concepts that the psychiatrist is using
Contents 1 The language of psychiatry 2 The classification of psychiatric disorders 3 The major schools of psychiatry 4 Schizophrenia 5 Depressive disorders 6 Psychopathy 7 Post-traumatic stress disorder 8 The assessment 9 The psychiatrist and the person being assessed 10 The assessment process 11 The connection between mental disorder and criminal behaviour 12 Mental disorder and criminal behaviour 13 Dangerousness 14 The concept of dangerousness 15 The relationship between mental disorder and dangerousness 16 The prediction of dangerousness Conclusion Bibliography Index