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You Can't Make Money From a Dead Planet

The Sustainable Method for Driving Profits
Mark Shayler(Autor*in)
Kogan Page Ltd (Verlag)
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Doing good is no longer a luxury or a 'nice to have', it's a necessity.

While businesses, both big and small, have undoubtedly caused the majority of our environmental and sustainability problems, only they can solve these issues at scale. You Can't Make Money from a Dead Planet looks at the challenges we face and shows how business needs to change in order to be the driver of the solution.

Bestselling author and sustainability strategist Mark Shayler explains why there is no contradiction between being profitable and doing the right thing for the planet and doing the right thing for your customers. Providing the insights, the enthusiasm and the tools to align your business with sustainability, the book blends explanations of the challenges that we face, with stories from those business that have excelled in sustainability.

Exploring current sustainability approaches and trends including net-zero, circular economy, ESG, B-Corps, zero waste and environmental management systems, You Can't Make Money From a Dead Planet explains, debunks and helps you navigate the sustainable agenda while growing your business.
"Mark Shayler is a pioneer of the notion that going green is good for business, and this brilliantly accessible book shows how every workplace can make a difference for the planet, and still be business winners." * Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, founder of River Cottage and environmental campaigner * "All small businesses should read this book because it's a revolution waiting to happen. I truly believe that business can change the world and nobody breaks down the steps to making a profit with principles better than Mark does here. If you want to make a (real) difference but aren't sure how, this is a superb place to start." * Holly Tucker MBE, Founder of Notonthehighstreet * "This is the book I was waiting for. With his characteristic verve and straight-talking swagger, Mark Shayler shows you the sustainability bits that matter and ditches the ones that don't. Suddenly everything makes sense! Keep this book in your back pocket for meetings, project pitches and getting lost in the forest. A must-read and a must-act book which illuminates your path every step of the way." * Lucy Siegle, Author and Journalist * "An honest and enlightening manifesto for change. Between the sober truth and some reasons to be cheerful, Mark highlights the brutal reality of our current road to terminal illness, whilst explaining that every business can contribute to our road to recovery by correctly harnessing the power of its people. Energy. Circularity. Mobility. Regeneration. Resilience. Education. Activism. If any of these words are resonant with you, this book is your must-have guide to understanding the impact of doing business on the planet, providing a multitude of options to re-think and re-invent why an accountable, progressive and regenerative business culture is the key to designing a better future." * Raoul Shah, Founder and Joint CEO, The Casbah Group * "Mark Shayler has been around a bit in the world of corporate sustainability - in fact, more than 30 years. And he's worked with a shedload of companies during that time. So he knows what he's talking about, the anecdotes are authentic, and his humour a tonic in what can be very arid territory. Part 'how to' primer, part explainer of all things relevant, and part celebration of the power of creative design. You Can't Make Money from a Dead Planet ticks all the boxes." * Sir Jonathan Porritt, environmentalist and former Director of Friends of the Earth *
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Mark Shayler works with businesses and corporations to reduce their environmental impact and his clients include Coca-Cola, Nike, Bacardi, WPP, Samsung Electronics Europe, Welsh Water, Hiut Denim and Novatech. He is a founding partner of the Do Lecture series and is a Visiting Fellow in Sustainable Design at Loughborough University. He lives near Leicester, UK.
Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Chapter - 01: Where are we and how did we get here?;
Chapter - 02: You can't make money from a dead planet;
Chapter - 03: The main environmental challenges;
Chapter - 04: Business impacts;
Chapter - 05: Is there any good news?;
Chapter - 06: How do we do good and still turn a profit?;
Chapter - 07: The strategic tools you need to change your business;
Chapter - 08: The practical and science-based tools to change your business (and still make a profit);
Chapter - 09: Re-framing business;
Chapter - 10: The regenerative business;
Chapter - 11: 'The last chapter';
Chapter - 12: Notes;