Citizenship and Constitutional Law

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The papers collected in this volume highlight the complex dynamic relationship between citizenship - as membership status - and the constitutional law which provides the cornerstone of all polities. It shows the many different ways in which we must use constitutional law in order fully to understand how one becomes a citizen, and what the meaning of citizenship is. Edited by a leading authority in the field, this volume contains the key works which cover national, transnational and international aspects of the topic, and the book provides a particular focus on how constitutional law constructs and upholds the range of citizenship rights.

With an original introduction by the editor, this timely collection will be a valuable source of reference for students, academics and practitioners interested in citizenship and constitutional law.
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Edited by Jo Shaw, Salvesen Chair of European Institutions, University of Edinburgh, UK


Introduction Jo Shaw

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`What a treasure trove. Jo Shaw's selection of academic literature on citizenship is a treat. Drawing from all over the globe, it will enable scholars and teachers from many disciplines working in citizenship to get a taste of its legal formulations. As a teacher and scholar of citizenship law, I'll certainly be drawing on it!' -- Kim Rubenstein, Australian National University

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