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Apollo Remastered

The Sunday Times Bestseller
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Discover space as you've never seen it before, with these awe-inspiring, breathtakingly restored images of our first missions to the Moon

'The next best thing to being there' Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 astronaut

In a frozen vault in Houston sits the original NASA photographic film of the Apollo missions. For half a century, almost every image of the Moon landings publicly available was produced from a lower-quality copy of these originals.

Now we can view them as never before. Expert image restorer Andy Saunders has taken newly available digital scans and, applying pain-staking care and cutting-edge enhancement techniques, he has created the highest quality Apollo photographs ever produced. Never-before-seen spacewalks and crystal-clear portraits of astronauts in their spacecraft, along with startling new visions of the Earth and the Moon, offer astounding new insight into one of our greatest endeavours.

This is the definitive record of the Apollo missions and a mesmerizing, high definition journey into the unknown.
Andy Saunders' remastered images are so clear and real that they are the next best thing to being there. . . They are an exact representation of what I remember from my journey to the Moon on Apollo 16. These photos reveal very precisely what the Moon was really like -- Charlie Duke, Apollo 16 The images Andy Saunders has produced from the 50 year old original film are just incredible. I have personally checked the images in the book, and if you want to know what it was really like on the Apollo missions, then this is for you. The photographs capture the pioneering era I took part in perfectly, and the techniques Andy has used have brought out such fantastic detail from that old original film we took back in the 60s. Maintaining an accurate record of these historic moments is such important work not just now, after half a century, but also for future generations -- Walter Cunningham, Apollo 7 Truly epic . . . Some of the scenes you'll recognize; they're among the most iconic photos ever taken. But others you will not have seen before; and certainly not in the detail that Andy has rendered them. They have a crispness and depth that makes you want to reach out and touch them -- Jonathan Amos * BBC Online * NASA's Moon missions as you've never seen them before - remastered for a new century * Guardian * Andy Saunders is a go-to guy for restoring photographs that seem beyond hope. His new book, Apollo Remastered, reveals what happened when this British imaging specialist turned his hand to humanity's ultimate adventure. However much you think you know the Apollo images, never have they been seen quite like this... * National Geographic * In his breathtaking new book, science writer Andy Saunders shares remastered images of the first missions to the Moon, giving the most accurate view ever of these historic journeys. The results are astounding, and according to the astronauts who were actually there, they're closer to reality than anything that's gone before. * Irish Independent * Apollo Remastered by Andy Saunders is a wonder - the reproduction of the photographs taken over 50 years ago is truly amazing. His expert enhancement reveals astonishing detail. There are so many images I'd never seen before and it's a book to come back to again and again. It's also so much more than a collection of the most amazing photos, there's masses of information and context - a wonderful history of all the Apollo missions. Magnificent. -- Paul Franklin - Oscar Winning VFX Specialist, Interstellar Seeing historians like Andy Saunders produce such cutting-edge results is incredible. . . Not only has Andy done a remarkable job bringing more details to light, but his incredible work has also created a lot of public excitement -- Dr Brian Odom, acting NASA Chief Historian After five decades, it's very rare that something comes along from Apollo that genuinely surprises me... but this is truly special. It changes everything, in an instant -- Mark McCaughrean, Senior Advisor for Science and Exploration, European Space Agency Jaw-dropping remastered NASA photos * CBS News * Andy Saunders' remastered images leave me stunned. They give me chills. This is as close as any of us will get to joining the Apollo astronauts on their historic missions to the moon-and it's a lot closer than we ever thought possible. This book, like all of his work, is much more than a thrill to behold; it's a profound contribution to our understanding of humanity's exploration of the heavens -- Jeff Shesol, author of Mercury Rising Even though I worked for NASA for 40 years, I can only view the work Andy does in digital restoration of analog imagery as innovative, creative, and a gift to the world. The precision, the detail, and the validity of his work on the old film from early human spaceflight is breathtaking to me - such incredibly valuable results and contributions to these historic events -- Jim Lewis, Command Recovery Pilot, Liberty Bell 7 Andy Saunders' remarkable digital imaging skills are rewriting space history. Saunders is doing for Project Apollo what the James Webb Space Telescope has done for astronomy: bringing our greatest adventure into sharp and arresting focus -- George Leopold, author of The Supersonic Life & Times Of Gus Grissom Andy Saunders' Apollo Remastered is utterly superb. Beyond beautiful -- it will take your breath away. Why did we go to the Moon? This explains everything... -- Dallas Campbell A peerless photographic masterpiece - almost as audacious as Apollo itself. If you only buy one Apollo book before the decade is out make sure it's this one! A total treasure to pore over for a lifetime -- Dr Chris Riley - BAFTA nominated writer, filmmaker and co-producer of In The Shadow Of The Moon I can already say with total confidence that this will go down in history as one of the greatest books about the Apollo missions ever published. Andy is a wizard, and has brought the missions' images to life in a whole new way. -- Stuart Atkinson, author of A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky Andy Saunders has created the highest quality Apollo photographs ever produced. So much thought has gone into the design and production - they are genuinely breathtaking new visions of one of humankind's greatest endeavors. * Digital Camera World Magazine * A masterpiece -- Tim Peake Relive the wonder of the first humans on the Moon, now gloriously remastered and collected together in this gorgeous new book. The restored detail is astonishing, thanks to the wizardry of photo restorer Andy Saunders, who makes us feel like we are right there with them * IFLS * A wonderful volume on the whole Apollo program. As a geologist who worked closely with the astronauts and taught them how to photograph the Moon during the Apollo missions, I was amazed at the detail and clarity of these remastered versions Andy has produced, 50 years later. Also impressive is the research to produce such an accurate record. The information along with each photograph helps tell the story of the program in such an immersive way. He really has done a great deal for the legacy of the Apollo program -- Dr Farouk El-Baz A handsome volume. . . The digitally restored images in Apollo Remastered bring NASA's moon voyages to life as never before -- Simon Ings * New Scientist, Best Books of the Year * In Mission Control, imagination pieced together grainy television images, crew voice reports and the flight plan, to portray mission events. Now, for the first time, APOLLO REMASTERED brings the glory of Apollo and the explorers into sharp focus. 50 years later, I can finally look over the shoulder of Mike Collins and Al Bean and see what they saw. I become part of the experience, as if I were a member of the crew. -- Gene Kranz, Apollo Flight Director Apollo Remastered is a fine collection of remastered photographs that depicts the real essence of the Apollo program. It brought back many memories of my time during the missions - an incredible book that will surely be enjoyed for many generations to come -- Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 Commander Using cutting edge enhancement techniques, Andy Saunders has created the highest quality Apollo photographs ever produced. He's also produced the first ever clear image of the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong. It's not surprising that his new book, Apollo Remastered has become a Sunday Times bestseller; showcasing photographs that are literally out of this world * ITV News *
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Andy Saunders is one of the world's foremost experts of NASA digital restoration. His work has been exhibited at museums, and appeared in BBC News, the Daily Telegraph, Smithsonian's Air & Space Magazine, Ars Technica, the Washington Post, as well as in NASA's own archives.