The Puzzle of Us All
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In CUBED, Erno Rubik describes how he discovered the Cube, how the world, in turn, discovered the Cube, and the lessons of creativity, invention, persistence, intelligence, and our common humanity that have emerged over the forty years of its renown. At first Rubik made the Cube only for himself. He then gave it to the public. It became a worldwide phenomenon, the most-popular puzzle ever - not just briefly but for decades. It spawned competitions, educational strategies, and became a universally understood social construct. Why did that happen? What does it mean? And what profound life lessons has the Cube offered for generations?
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ERNO RUBIK (1944) is a Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture. He is best known for the invention of mechanical puzzles including Rubik's Cube (1974), Rubik's Magic and Rubik's Snake/Twist. While Rubik became famous for inventing the Rubik's Cube and his other puzzles, much of his recent work involves the promotion of science in education. Rubik is involved with several organisations such as Beyond Rubik's Cube, the Acquincum Institute of Technology, and the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation all of whom aim to engage students in science, mathematics and problem solving at a young age.
As a school maths teacher and a puzzle writer, I encourage all curious people to open their minds to the words on these pages. This is in part a manifesto for anyone wishing to become a creator. Unleash your creativity with Mr Rubik as your guide -- BOBBY SEAGULL

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