Root Development

Methods and Protocols
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This detailed volume provides diverse elegant methods, complemented with existing protocols, which are optimized for the current needs in plant root biology as well as for use in plant species other than Arabidopsis thaliana. The collection covers methods ranging from genetic screens, phenotypic analysis, and cell biology methods to systems biology tools and genome-wide approaches. The collection contains a range of complexity from fundamental methods for quantification of different root developmental processes to complex methods that require sophisticated equipment. Written for the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and practical, Root Development: Methods and Protocols serves as a valuable tool for plant biologists specialized in root development, from beginners to experienced researchers in the field.
Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2018
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Part I: Genetic and Phenotypic Analyses

1. Measuring Plant Root Traits Under Controlled and Field Conditions: Step-By-Step Procedures

Benjamin M. Delory, Emanuela W.A. Weidlich, Richard van Duijnen, Loïc Pagès, and Vicky M. Temperton

2. Phenotyping Crop Root Crowns: General Guidance and Specific Protocols for Maize, Wheat, and Soybean

Larry M. York

3. Developmental Analysis of Arabidopsis Root Meristem

Riccardo Di Mambro and Sabrina Sabatini

4. Genetic and Phenotypic Analysis of Lateral Root Development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Selene Napsucialy-Mendivil and Joseph G. Dubrovsky

5. Adapting the Lateral Root Inducible System to Medicago truncatula

Violaine Herrbach, Fabienne Maillet, and Sandra Bensmihen

6. Characterization of Root Epidermal Cell Patterning and differentiation in Arabidopsis

Jorge E. Salazar-Henao, Girish Mokkapati, Eunice Han Xian Khor, Yi-Chia Chou, Wann-Neng Jane, and Wolfgang Schmidt

7. In Vitro Assay for Induction of Adventitious Rooting on Intact Arabidopsis Hypocotyls

Hoang Khai Trinh, Inge Verstraeten, and Danny Geelen

8. Root Gravitropism: Quantification, Challenges, and Solutions

Lukas Muller, Malcolm J. Bennett, Andy French, Darren M. Wells, and Ranjan Swarup

Part II: Microscopy and Cell Biology

9. Calcium Ion Dynamics in Roots: Imaging and Analysis

Ellie Himschoot, Melanie Krebs, Alex Costa, Tom Beeckman, and Steffen Vanneste

10. Optimized Whole-Mount In Situ Immunolocalization for Arabidopsis thaliana Root Meristems and Lateral Root Primordia

Michael Karampelias, Ricardo Tejos, Jirí Friml, and Steffen Vanneste

11. Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Optimized for Long-Term Imaging of Arabidopsis Root Development

Paolo Baesso, Ricardo S. Randall, and Giovanni Sena

12. Histological Profiling Over Time to Optimize Root Cell Type-Specific Reporter Lines for Cell Sorting

Beatriz Lagunas, Liam Walker, Rana Muhammad Fraz Hussain, Ian Hands-Portman, Kate Woolley-Allen, and Miriam L. Gifford

13. Long-Term In Vivo Imaging of Luciferase-Based Reporter Gene Expression in Arabidopsis Roots

Wei Xuan, Davy Opdenacker, Steffen Vanneste, and Tom Beeckman

14. Cortical Cell Length Analysis During Gravitropic Root Growth

Maria Schöller, Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, and Elena Feraru

15. Growth Rate Normalization Method to Assess Gravitropic Root Growth

Maria Schöller, Elizabeth Sarkel, Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, and Elena Feraru

16. Immunoprecipitation of Membrane Proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana Root Tissue

Sascha Waidmann, Lucinda De-Araujo, Jürgen Kleine-Vehn, and Barbara Korbei

Part III: Genome-Wide Methods and Systems Biology

17. Monitoring Transcriptomic Changes in Soil-Grown Roots and Shoots of Arabidopsis thaliana Subjected to a Progressive Drought Stress

Khurram Bashir, Sultana Rasheed, Akihiro Matsui, Kei Iida, Maho Tanaka, and Motoaki Seki

18. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) for Transcription Factors and Chromatin Factors in Arabidopsis thaliana Roots: From Material Collection to Data Analysis

Sandra Cortijo, Varodom Charoensawan, François Roudier, and Philip A. Wigge

19. µChIP-Seq for Genome-Wide Mapping of In Vivo TF-DNA Interactions in Arabidopsis Root Protoplasts

Alessia Para, Ying Li, and Gloria M. Coruzzi

20. Proteome Analysis of Arabidopsis Roots

Natalia Nikonorova, Lam Dai Vu, Elisabeth Stes, Kris Gevaert, and Ive De Smet

21. Step-By-Step Construction of Gene Co-Expression Networks from High-Throughput Arabidopsis RNA Sequencing Data

Orlando Contreras-López, Tomás C. Moyano, Daniela C. Soto, and Rodrigo A. Gutiérrez

22. GWA-Portal: Genome-Wide Association Studies Made Easy

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