Volume I of the Spartan Chronicles
Rogue Planet Publishing
  • erschienen am 15. November 2019
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978-1-946807-15-1 (ISBN)
Four hundred years ago, missiles fell from the sky like rain. Ninety-nine percent of humanity perishes in fire and water. For those that survived the rolling firestorms and mountain-sized rogue waves, the radiation set in. Hunting and attacking every living cell, always searching, always waiting in the water, and the air and lurking in the soil. Small pockets of humans evolved to live with the radiation and even thrive within its presence. To survive, communities searched and traded for DNA resistant to radiation.
Batal Spartan travels from the fortress island of Skye Stone off the coast of northern Africa to the Hiroshima archipelago in search of a woman from his past who has chosen him as her partner. All Batal must do, is evade the Northern Horde hunting his group, survive the creatures of the sea, prove his worth to her, and her clan and make it back to Skye Stone alive.
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978-1-946807-15-1 (9781946807151)
Iain Richmond is a builder and designer of creative spaces and unique furniture from Kathmandu to San Francisco. He has worked with and learned from craftsmen around the world using salvaged and reclaimed materials.

From living on a 30' boat in Juneau, Alaska to building his own home board by board, (paycheck by paycheck) on his small ranch in northern California, Iain has always dreamed of a life where he could follow his true passion... writing science fiction. When he leaves his 'writing shack' on Lore Mountain, Iain visits countries and communities that inspire new characters and vast storyworlds: Nepal, Isle of Skye, SE Alaska, Malta, and Southern Utah are a few of his favorite spots. He loves life with a small footprint, wildlife, wild-lands, and the hope of a perfect world filled with tolerant people.

You can still find him boxing (more of a punching bag these days), playing rugby (see punching bag), trekking, and gardening (wine or scotch in hand), but spending quiet moments with his ladyfriend (much better half) and Bernese Mountain Dog(s) still ranks at the top of his life-list.

He still roams the world with his laptop in hand and always makes time to answer emails and messages from readers (Iain's Worldbuilders). Follow his trail of breadcrumbs or email him at

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