Hands On Water and Wastewater Equipment Maintenance, Volume II

CRC Press Inc
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Hands-On Water/Wastewater Equipment Maintenance, Volumes 1 and 2 deals with equipment maintenance as individual components, not as complete machines, allowing more information about the design, application and maintenance requirements of machinery to be presented. This work-related inventory of wastewater covers plant components where breakdowns most frequently occur. The text explains the design, operation and maintenance of equipment critical to plant functioning; motors, pumps, blowers, mixers and more. The author demonstrates how careful attention to specific equipment parts and operation, especially through systematic maintenance, will lead to fewer breakdowns and more rapid repairs. These texts cover basic operating characteristics of machinery components, making them a valuable reference source as well as a training and maintenance manual.

Written in easy-to-understand language, without complex formulas or technical theories, Hands-On Water/Wastewater Equipment Maintenance Volumes 1 and 2 provides you with basic information to help you acquire a general understanding of how components function and how to keep equipment operating properly. These two volumes belong in every water and wastewater treatment plant as a reference and manual for equipment maintenance. The hands-on approach provides maintenance operators, crew leaders and supervisors with practical information about how the machinery they work with every day functions, and how to keep it running smoothly.
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Metering/Chemical Feed Pumps
Plunger Metering Pumps
Air Cylinder Metering Pumps
Diaphragm Metering Pumps
Bellows Metering Pumps
Peristaltic Metering Pumps
Fluid Transfer Pumps
Plunger Transfer Pumps
Diaphragm Transfer Pumps
Tubular Diaphragm Pumps
Rotary Transfer Pumps
Vane Transfer Pumps
Peristaltic Transfer Pumps
Progressive Cavity Transfer Pumps
Magnetic Drive Pumps
Screw Lift Pumps
Positive Displacement Pump Maintenance
Valve Styles
Functions Of Valves
Special Flow Control Valves
Valve Actuating Devices
Linear Actuators
Rotary Actuators
Basic Actuator
Self-Contained Actuator
Actuator/Valve Maintenance
Bar Screens
Fine Screens
Rotary Screens
Traveling Water Screens
Grit Collectors
Grit Dewatering
Screw Conveyors
Other Screens
Screen Maintenance
Static Mixers
In-Line Mixers
Portable Mixers
Fixed Entry Mixers
Side Mounted Mixers
Centrifugal Blowers
Positive Displacement Blowers
Regenerative Blowers
Aeration Diffusers
Static Aerators
Coarse Bubble Diffusers
Fine Bubble Diffusers
Surface Aerators
Submerged Aerators
Rotary Aerators
Floating Aerators
Non-Mechanical Aerators
Ultraviolet Disinfection
Ozone Disinfection
Chemical Disinfection
Gas Feeders
Gas Feed System Components
Liquid Feeders
Dry Feeders
Sodium Hypochlorite Generators
Chlorine Dioxide Generators
Reverse Osmosis/Filtration
Wound Cartridge Filters
Pleated Cartridge Filters
Open Channel Meters
Closed Pipe Meters
Chemical Feed Flowmeters
Flowmeter Maintenance
Instrument Classifications
General Maintenance Procedures
Analog Devices
Pneumatic Devices
Digital Devices
Analog/Digital Signals
Recording Devices
Sensing Devices
Transmitters (Instrument)
Power Supplies
Telemetry Systems
Audio Tone Equipment
Transmitters (Radio)
Control Systems
Continuous Power Supplies
Basics of Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion
Other Forms of Corrosion
Chemical Corrosion
Material Selection-Metals
Material Selection-Non-Metals
Controlling Corrosion
Metal Surface Preparation
Concrete Repairs
Concrete Surface Preparation
Cathodic Protection
General Corrosion Protection
Maintenance Considerations
Personal Safety
Vehicle Safety
Environmental Safety
Mechanical Safety
Electrical Safety
Chemical Safety
Avoiding Injuries
Safe Storage of Materials
Plant Responsibilities
Risk Management
Hazard Assessment
Prevention Programs
Emergency Response
Preliminary Preparations
Machinery Foundations
Setting Machinery
Support and Leveling
Vibration Isolation
Vibration Testing and Protection
Relocating Equipment
Machinery Installation Safety
Troubleshooting Techniques
Troubleshooting Pumps
Troubleshooting Blowers
Troubleshooting Mixers/Aerators
Troubleshooting Electrical Systems
Electrical Test Instruments
Troubleshooting Instrumentation Systems
Troubleshooting and Repairs

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