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Real Food - For Real
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If you want to be lean and healthy without having to give up your favorite food, eat food that you will look forward to eating, then you need to read this book.

What if I told you that eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated or take hours of planning and prepping?
What if you could finally find the perfect formula for finding balanced nutrition and get a body that feels healthy, strong, and well-fed?
What if I told you never had to count calories or macros again and still build lean muscle mass?
Let me show you how to meal prep like a boss. With over one hundred easy meal prep recipes, you will have plenty of ideas for make-ahead dinners and delicious power bowl recipes that you can pack for lunch or breakfast on the go!
Here's a "sneak peek" of what you'll get from Beast Bowl Nutrition.
1) Twenty-one recipes for core proteins that can be mixed and matched, like Pulled Pork, Buffalo Chicken, and Lemongrass Shrimp.

2) An entire chapter teaches you how to get the right nutrition without measuring or weighing a single thing.

3) 19 Flavorful sides, slaws, and salsa that add bomb flavor to every bowl, like Pineapple Salsa, Asian Slaw, and Columbian Guacamole.

4) 32 Dressings and Sauces that are full of the right kind of fats and no preservatives, like Peach Bourbon Barbecue Sauce, Paleo Ranch, and Garlicky Aioli.

5) 7 Flavorful seasoning mixes that make meal prep lightning-fast, like Taco Seasoning, Mediterranean Seasoning, and Pumpkin Pie Spice mix.

6) 9 Craving buster guilt-free desserts and snacks, like Dairy-Free Rocky Road Fudge, Chai Latte Chia Pudding, and Paleo Granola.
With this cookbook, you will get access to FREE tools like a spreadsheet with all the nutritional information you need to make meal planning easy as pie.
You will also get access to my Pick 2 meal prep downloads with the easiest weekly meal plans. I do all the work for you. I pick two bowls each week and put together a shopping list and all the directions for you.
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I'm a scientist:
I am a retired forensic scientist with a degree in physiology and neuroscience. I have spent the last eighteen years of my life working as a DNA analyst and as a cold case homicide investigator. I am now using my background in physiology to build healthy recipes. As a nutrition coach, I obtained my CrossFit Level One coaching certificate and then went on to pursue several nutrition certifications. I hold accreditation as an Eat to Perform Sports Nutrition Coach and a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coach. I now work with clients to help free them from a lifetime of 30-day eating challenges and yo-yo dieting. I have experience working with clients who have disordered eating patterns and are suffering from food anxiety. My goal is to heal their relationship with food and get them back to feeding their bodies from a place of love. I've found that a lot of my clients have exercise and eating routines designed around self-hate. This mentality is especially true with my female clients. I want to help fix that problem.

I recovered from job-induced stress and took my life back:
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with PTSD and chose to leave my job, even though I loved it, to pursue a healthier life. Work-related stress was starting to show up in a lot of ways and had begun to affect my physical well-being. I was gaining weight, and I couldn't sleep. It felt like an out-of-control downward spiral, and I knew that if I didn't turn things around, I was going to regret it. I left my job in December of 2017 and launched my own business. I started focusing on joy and abundance rather than restriction. This mindset shift and less stressful approach to health and wellness is the key to a sustainable life long habit of happiness and well-being. It's my goal to inspire others to take their lives back, just like I did.

I am a badass cook:
I am a life-long foodie and self-taught cook. I've been scribbling down recipes since I was in elementary school. When my friends had subscriptions to Seventeen Magazine, I was flipping through Food and Wine and Christopher Kimball's Cooks Illustrated.

I gave cooking classes to friends for many years, and I received so much positive support that I decided to make the leap and pursue my dream of being a food writer. I started a blog called Foodology Geek, where I began cooking and sharing recipes on my blog at Foodology Geek. It's relatively new, but the audience is growing quickly. I hope to see you there.

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