Comparative Law of Monopolies:Basic Work and Supplements

Volumes 1-3
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This established loose-leaf work examines the laws on restrictive agreements, monopolies, and mergers in the jurisdictions of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the European Community. Anti-trust laws have rarely been more vigorously enforced with fines of millions of pounds imposed in the US, EU, UK and other jurisdictions on a regular basis. Some states, including the US and the UK, have introduced criminal liability for corporate executives who breach anti-cartel legislation. Many companies operate in an international environment and need a work which can provide analysis of legislation in several jurisdictions, a unique feature of this regularly updated work.

Comparative Law of Monopolies: Basic Work and Supplements, Volumes 1 -3 first describes competition law - on Section 1 of the Sherman Act, Article 81and 82 of the Treaty of Rome, Sections 1 to 21 of the German law against Restraints of Competition, and the UK Competition Act 1998 and Enterprise Act 2002 to help understand the rules governing anti-competitive practices, mergers and monopolies. It then analyses the current laws applying on a county-by-country basis. Lastly, it offers a novel feature: a detailed exploration of the similarities and differences between countries' practices.

Through this comparison and contrast of concepts of monopoly/dominance, abusive conduct, and merger control, the reader gains a real understanding of the current objectives of antitrust policy.

Practical features include a table of cases for easy reference, outlines and overviews of various substantive provisions of law, and an extensive index. A supplement service allows the three-volume basic work to remain current with two supplements published each year and available via an annual subscription.
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1. Introduction
2. National Laws of Monopoly
Summary of Antitrust Laws
Sherman Act
Clayton Act
Federal Trade Commission Act
Robinson--Patman Act
Interlocking Directorates
Joint Ventures
Jurisdiction Aspects
Competition Laws
Article 81
Crisis Cartels
Joint Ventures
Article 86
Intellectual Property and the Free Movement of Goods
Substantive Provisions
Control of Market Dominance
Merger Control
Substantive Provisions
Merger Control
Competition Act
3. Comparative Evaluation of Anti-Monopoly Laws in the four Jurisdictions
4. Procedural Aspects

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