Fermented Foods, Part II

Technological Interventions
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This book reviews the use of fermentation to develop healthy and functional foods and beverages and the commercialization of fermented food products through the use of biotechnology. The first two sections cover the health and functional benefits of fermented foods and the latter two sections include chapters on global and region-specific fermented foods that have crossed the geographical barriers to reach supermarkets all over the world.
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978-0-367-78225-2 (9780367782252)
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Ramesh C. Ray, Didier Montet
Fermented Foods: Microbiology, Biochemistry & Biotechnology. Technological Innovations in Processing of Fermented Foods: An Overview. Functional Properties of Traditional Food Products Made by Mold Fermentation. Legume-Based Food Fermentation: Biochemical Aspects. Bioactive Molecules in Fermented Soybean Products and Their Potential Health Benefits. Miso, the Traditional Fermented Soybean Paste of Japan. Soy Sauce Fermentation. Rice-based Fermented Foods and Beverages: Functional and Nutraceutical properties. Maize (Zea mays L. subsp. mays) Fermentation. Bread Fortification: Health and Nutritional Benefits. Fortification as a Tool in Improving Nutritional Properties of Bread and Controlling Life Style Diseases. The Sourdough Micro-ecosystem: An Update. Traditional Cereal Beverage Boza - Fermentation Technology, Microbial Content and Healthy Effects. Coffee Fermentation. Cocoa Fermentation. Kimchi: Microbiology, Biochemistry and Health Benefits. Amasi and Maheu: Expedition from Ethnic Southern African Foods to Cosmopolitan Markets. Kefir & Koumiss: Origin, Health Benefits & Current Status ok Knowledge. Yogurt: Microbiology, Organoleptic Properties and Probiotic Potential. Fermentations Generating the Cheese Diversity. Current Trends in Microbiological, Technological and Nutritional Aspects of Fermented Sausages. Solid-State Fermentation Applications in the Food Industry.

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