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The first chapter describes Miller-Urey experiment, Oparin and Haldane Theory, Reddi experiment, fossils evidence of life, and RNA World hypothesis. The second chapter describes various biological macromolecules like carbohydrates, proteins,lipids, and nucleic acids. The third chapter gives definition of astrobiology, extraterrestrial life, exobiology, asteroids, meteoroids, comets, biosignatures, and exoplanet. The third chapter also gives olber's paradox,are you alone in theUniverse? And are Humans alone in the Universe?. The fourth chapter describes Drake equation. The fifth chapter gives definition of Universe, stars, galaxy, meteros, meteroids, and telescope. The sixth chapter planets and their composition. The seventh chapter gives various astrobiology research institute. The eight chapter describes various missions conducting on Mars. The ninth chapter gives life on Titan and Life on Europa.
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978-613-8-92319-0 (9786138923190)
Anupam Rajak received his B.Sc in Botany from the Raghunathpur College, SidhoKanho-Birsha University. He has publishedseverals articles in international journal.

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